Looking Into Food Manufacturing’s Crystal Ball: What Does The Future Hold?


The food and drink manufacturing industry isn’t without its challenges – but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a positive future. In fact, the consumer trends that have arisen over the last few years mean it’s brighter than ever.

Here, we explore why the sector is going to thrive.

Healthier choices

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health, and so they are more aware of what foods are and aren’t good food for them. This has led to a demand for healthier options, and so food manufacturers need to meet it.

There’s a lot more consideration required for a product’s development. And, with improved guidance on what constitutes as healthy food, people are becoming more sceptical of food labels. Even if a product is described as ‘healthy’, the ingredients and other nutritional information need to match this. You can’t fool the modern consumer.

Organic foods

On a similar note, people are more mindful of how a food’s production impacts our environment. Growing food organically ensures harmful chemicals are kept away from our food and nature itself. This makes the soil healthier, and there’s even been some evidence to suggest it boosts our own health.

Many find organic food has a superior taste because the produce is fresher and more nutritious. Plus, it’s better for both plants and meat. The latter is made organic by animals being given organic feed. So, for those care about animals, this type of food is also preferable.

Veganism and vegetarianism

The interest into how food production affects animals and our environment has led many to turn vegan or vegetarian. There are other variations of this as well – such as pescatarian, flexitarian and even lacto-ovo-vegetarian. For manufacturers, supplying this type of food offers a huge competitive advantage.

And, this trend is only expected to snowball. For many, it is not just a diet but their lifestyle. More consumers are now choosing to make product purchases based entirely on their ethics.


There has been both an increased awareness of the existence of allergens, along with improved diagnoses of them. Such knowledge means it’s a growing consumer need, and therefore great care must be taken to ensure those with allergens are put first. Not least because when there are situations like potential contaminations and food labelling issues, this can lead to product recalls, a damaged reputation, and threatened lives.

food manufacturing plant

Food trends and changing consumer behaviours aren’t new – and they won’t stop there. Food manufacturers need to ensure that they stay one step ahead, and they’ll need to have the right staff to ensure they can meet the demand. From technical managers to NPD roles, personnel is core. And Silven can help with making sure that every team member is a match for your business.

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