Missing Out On Top Talent? Discover The Do’s And Don’ts Of The Interview Process


Feeling like you’re constantly missing out on the best candidates? It might not be a coincidence…

If you’re falling foul of the common interview process pitfalls that drive away top talent, we’ll explore how to overcome these challenges to attract and retain the best for your team.

Keep it quick

You don’t have time to waste – and if you drag your interview process on, your shortlisted candidates’ eyes may begin to wander. And if you’ve already made your decision, don’t hesitate to contact the candidate straight away.

Too often, businesses make the mistake of focusing too much on eliminating the wrong candidates and not enough time embracing the right ones. So remember, there’s no such thing as the perfect candidate. Each individual brings their own unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to contribute to your team’s success. 

Cut down on unnecessary stages, making sure everyone involved in the process is absolutely necessary. If you’re unsure how to streamline your recruitment process, you know where we are… 

Keep it reciprocal

Don’t assume it’s only about the candidate selling themselves to you. It’s your time to shine too. Showcase your company, its culture, and the unique advantages of the role to stand out. Reciprocate the same courtesy to candidates that you’d expect from them – openly communicating and respecting their time. The candidate experience speaks volumes. 

Plus, give your candidates a chance to ask questions of their own so that when they say ‘yes’ to your offer, you know they really mean it.

Keep it focused

Some people excel at interviews – no nerves, always with the right answer, and great communication. And some jobs will require skills like these (for instance, sales), but not every role will. So, if you judge your candidates solely on these skills, then you’ll end up with a fantastic candidate – but not necessarily a fantastic employee.

Remember other skills for the role in question and test them out in an actual employee scenario – for example, give them a task and give them time to do it rather than making them answer questions on the spot.

Keep it consistent

Inconsistencies can create bias – even if you’re not aware of it – leading to an uneven playing field. Different interviewers might prioritise different skills, with no one on the same page. So, establish a consistent process from the start. 

But remember that adaptability is key. Ask for feedback from both candidates and interviewers to fine-tune your approach and ensure clarity across the board.

Level up your interview process with Silven

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