When hiring for a new role, you’re bound to have a thousand things on your plate. From writing job descriptions, to liaising with candidates, and making hiring decisions. And all these tasks can easily distract you from your actual job. 

But you don’t just have to grin and bear it. By harnessing the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT, you can delegate some of these time-consuming tasks. And when you combine this tech with the help of your recruitment partner, you can supercharge your hiring process while doing just a fraction of the work.

So what are some of the key tasks ChatGPT can help you complete?

  1. Write job descriptions

It’s not always easy to write compelling job descriptions, and you probably don’t have time to put the effort into it. With ChatGPT you can create quality descriptions in seconds, by simply inputting a small amount of key information. If you have a good base to work from, ask the chatbot to refine it for certain details, for example, “make this job description sound more engaging”, or “flag this job description for potential unconscious biases”. And boom – you’ve just saved yourself a day’s work.

  1. Perform candidate outreach

Another time–consuming process that ChatGPT can sort in seconds is candidate outreach. If you’re dealing with a large volume of applications, it can be easy to push outreach to the side – but this could reflect badly on your business. To keep candidates engaged following their application, use ChatGPT to create a template response informing them about the next stage in the hiring process.

  1. Review resumes

Great news! You’ve received hundreds of applications to your job listing. Bad news, you now have to review them. With ChatGPT you can sift through applications in seconds, identifying key qualifications, skills and experience, and spelling and grammar errors that can separate average applicants from great ones. Simply ask the platform to “review the following resumes based on how well they match the job description for the role of Technical Food Manager”.

  1. Answer FAQs

It’s natural for people to have lots of questions when applying for jobs. But if you notice the same questions popping up again and again, use ChatGPT to create a list of FAQs that you can easily send out to all candidates after they’ve applied. This will reflect well on your business, as candidates are more likely to remain engaged in the hiring process if recruiters and managers are forthcoming with communication. 

  1. Complete candidate screening

Many businesses choose to include a list of questions for applicants to answer in their application as part of the screening process. Not only can this help you to further assess a candidate’s suitability, it can also provide a better sense of them as a person. But whilst you can’t ignore these upsides, reading through hundreds of answers can be a tedious task – which is where ChatGPT comes in handy. Input information directly and ask the technology to filter out candidates who don’t meet certain criteria.

  1. Develop interview questions

So you’ve streamlined your list of candidates from 100 to 10, and now you’re ready to start interviewing. But developing a set of interview questions can be time consuming, and you may not always know what to ask. ChatGPT can be a good place to start. Request something simple to give you an idea of what else you might want to include. Try, “Give me an example of some interview questions for an R&D Manager in food and drink manufacturing.” From there, building a comprehensive list should be easy.

  1. Get onboarding support

Congratulations! You’ve completed the hiring process quicker and more efficiently than ever, and now you’re ready to onboard your new member of staff. Why not make your HR team’s lives easier by allowing them to create onboarding documents for your new hires with ChatGPT? Simply ask it to create a template, then manually fill in the gaps – or ask AI to do it for you. Just feed it the information about your company and watch the platform work its magic.

chatgpt recruitment

But the human touch is vital

There’s no denying that ChatGPT can give your recruitment drive a real boost, but that doesn’t take away from the importance of human interaction. Of course, candidates appreciate an efficient and quick hiring process (which can be delivered with the help of AI), yet what they really want is a person on the other end of the phone who cares about their success. 

If you need some extra human support with your hiring process, call us on 0161 832 7463 or email info@silven.co.uk.