Just landed an interview? Congrats! You’re clearly doing something right. But how can you nail the next stage and make choosing you a no-brainer? 

You’ve probably just spent the last few weeks (if not months!) searching for jobs and applying on multiple different sites, so we won’t bore you with a long intro. Let’s just get into it…

Understand their values 

A company’s mission, vision, and values is something you should really be reviewing before applying for a role. If you didn’t, now’s the time. Because, aside from standing out, surely you want to make sure this is a team you’re going to see eye to eye with? 

Have a look at their website or LinkedIn profile. This will give you a better idea of who they are, what they represent, and their future goals. You might even be asked a question about it in the interview, so make sure you note them down.

💡 Don’t be afraid to bring notes to your interview. It shows you’re prepared! 

Check out their Glassdoor 

Want to know what it’s really like to work for the company? Head over to Glassdoor. Of course, like every other review website, not everything you’ll read will be the full picture – especially if it’s from an ex-employee… But they should give you a general idea. 

You might even be able to see average salaries for the role you’re interviewing for, as well as office and team pics – which can really help you visualise yourself working there. 

See what customers are saying 

Again, reviews aren’t always reliable. Just look at Space Jam on Rotten Tomatoes. But we suggest at least giving your potential new company’s Trustpilot a gander to see what their customers are saying. 

It might not be totally accurate, but it doesn’t hurt to look. Unless their ratings are really bad. In which case, it’s probably best to avoid the business – even if you’re desperate for the job. 

Research the competition 

Researching competitors will give you a better idea of where the company sits in comparison – and what makes them unique. Look at the key differentiators and make a note of them. This will help you answer questions like, “Why do you want to work for us?” – and no, “for the money” isn’t an acceptable answer (even if it’s true!). 

If you’re looking for a job in food and drink manufacturing (and we’re assuming you are since you’re here), there are plenty of resources out there to find competitors – like this one

Deep dive into social

Want a few talking points to help get the interviewers on side? Check out the company’s social media channels. A mention of a recent award win is bound to get you in their good books! 

But doing a deep dive into their socials can be helpful in other ways too – especially if you know who you’re going to be interviewing with. Don’t be afraid to stalk a few profiles – check out their background and how long they’ve been working for the company. Oh, and consider updating your profile, as they’ll probably have a nosey round yours too. 

Get bonus points! 

If you’re interviewing with a blue chip (or well-known) company, it’s worth reading through any recent news or annual reports they’ve done – like these examples from PepsiCo. Have they recently secured funding? Maybe they just released a new product or service? How’s their growth? Casually bring this information up in conversation – or ask a question about something you’ve seen during the end of your interview. 

We always recommend asking the interviewer questions when asked. It’ll leave a good impression and show you’re interested and engaged. 

Need extra support with your interview? 

Once again, a massive congrats for landing the interview in the first place – and good luck from the team at Silven! 

If you’re still applying for jobs, or your interview doesn’t quite go as planned (not to jinx it – touch wood!), we’re here to help. We won’t just find you a role and call it a day. We’ll support you with the interview and onboarding process too, so you land your dream job and hit the ground running. We’re good like that. 

Get in touch with us on 0161 832 7463 or email info@silven.co.uk for details.