Job Vacancies for Technical Managers in Food Manufacturing

Technical manager careers to complement both the client and candidate

A technical manager makes all the difference in a food and drink manufacturing business. Yet despite being a vital role, clients and candidates are facing incredible difficulties when it comes to the recruitment side of things.

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Technical manager job solutions to transform your business

Struggling to find the perfect technical manager? Businesses across the board are hitting curveballs in their attempts to fill their job vacancies for technical managers in food manufacturing with the most ideal candidates. And it’s no surprise, given the level of talent this role entails.

Technical manager jobs involve a great deal – from ensuring products are safe, to guaranteeing they (quite literally) ‘do what they say on the tin’, to confirming they have met the entire specification. The role can’t afford to be taken by someone who isn’t passionate about their responsibilities. From food quality to food taste, a fitting technical manager is definitely more than ‘well-versed’.

On top of this, they are also the main contact between the food manufacturer and the businesses they’re supplying – like those in food services, B2B, and retailers. Influencing people is core to the role – whether it be external stakeholders, or internal members of their team. Therefore, strong communication skills are crucial.


A technical manager has to have a data mind too. This can be for tasks like dealing with complaints or creating an effective hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) programme. Then there is overseeing the weight and measure of creations to check that they are within the specifications. Expertise in numbers is very much key.

The role of a technical manager is clearly very busy, but when it comes to recruiting them, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here at Silven, we make it our mission to crack the problem of candidate-short markets.

Our team have discovered the best solutions so that we can fill food manufacturing technical manager jobs, each and every time they come to us. In fact, businesses often call upon Silven when others have failed to do so.

Curious as to how we achieve all this? Let us explain…


We’re able to find a perfect client-candidate match because we tailor our service to each individual. Therefore, we’re able to meet your exact needs. With such personalisation, we can support you effectively.


Our team make sure to keep ahead of the curve, always. From who makes what to where they are in key markets, we’re up to date with what’s happening. Resultantly, you’ll have the competitive advantage of being continuously in the know too.


As specialists in the industry for many years, we’ve built up a wealth of expertise. We have the highest level of knowledge and experience. This proficiency is regardless of market – we take a structured approach with each and every one.


You can be assured that you’re dealing with a team of utmost professionals when it comes to your technical manager jobs. We’re still incredibly friendly, of course, but have faith we speak the language of food and drink manufacturing.


It’s easy to have confidence in us – so many others have. This includes the likes of Heinz and Müller. We’ve helped these leaders propel their businesses forwards with the very top talent.


We understand the importance the right technical manager has. So, we’ll quickly fill your technical manager job roles – and still be meticulous when it comes to ensuring they match your specification in its entirety.


It’s not just your technical manager jobs that we can recruit for. We also do so for all senior and mid-level roles, whether they’re permanent or interim. If you ever need to find new people, you won’t have to deal with multiple recruitment agencies.


Want to solve your recruitment challenges, and reap the rewards like other businesses in the industry have? Then it’s time for you to get in touch with Silven.

Speak to our friendly team today, and have your food manufacturing technical manager jobs, or any other roles, filled fast.

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Suitable technical manager jobs for you

Searching for job vacancies for technical managers in food manufacturing? Are you great at managing numerous different tasks and people? Do you have fantastic attention to detail? You’re in luck – there are many businesses in the industry looking for high-quality technical talent.

You’ll know more than anyone that a technical manager has to be a lot of things, because they do a lot of things. Responsibilities include looking after any customer complaints, ensuring every audit is passed and having the capability to guarantee that benchmarks are met, including BRCGS’ Standards.

To manage this requires a meticulous eye. The food manufacturing technical manager job involves meeting various needs, such as operations and engineering, so that department teams can do their jobs correctly.


This includes those on the factory front line – for example, assuring that technical standards are fulfilled or that specific allergen requirements are catered to. Then there are the specifications of external stakeholders, like ensuring they have the fitting information and product range so they can place what is necessary onto the right shelf.

Not to mention, technical managers have to segregate effectively – from high-risk to low-risk. They truly are crucial in the food manufacturing process. If they fail to keep things running smoothly at any point, then there could be the likes of product recalls and potentially irreversible damage to the business’ reputation.

Food manufacturers are very particular when it comes to recruiting for this role, but, likewise, so are candidates. You want a position that ticks off every requirement, and that’s what we will find you.

Silven are all about satisfying candidate requirements because we believe your needs are just as important as the client’s. And this is why so many are turning to us – whether they are looking to progress from a quality manager, or fancy a change of scene at a different food manufacturer.

So, if you’re searching for a food manufacturing technical manager job anywhere in the UK, then speak to us. Here are just a few reasons why you should get in touch with our team…


Any recruiter can say it, but we truly mean it. If we don’t think something is a right fit, then we’ll do what’s right – and tell you. It is our utmost importance to us to be entirely supportive of your needs.


We’re excited about your career move, and this is something you’ll quickly notice. Silven are just as invested in finding you the right technical manager job as you are. We always put your needs first.


You’ve come to us to find a fantastic role, so we’ll do what it takes to land you the right one. We’ll be incredibly active in the search, so you can begin the next stage of your career as soon as possible.


A food manufacturing technical manager job is certainly one of high-level. When you discuss your needs, you can have faith that we’ll understand what you’re talking about. Our years of experience ensures full knowledge of all complex terminology.


We’re not new kids on the block – and we’re proud of it. This means that we’re not only incredibly experienced, but well-known within the industry. Everyone knows our name, and recognises that we’re the agency to turn to for the highest quality technical talent.


You’re looking for a food manufacturing technical manager job because you want change, and that’s exactly what we’ll deliver to you. We truly do care about transforming our candidates lives, and making only a positive difference.


Like the sound of our approach? Get in touch with us today. We’ll help you pave your way to a better future. You can also have a look at the current technical manager jobs available on our vacancies page.