Our New Teams as a Service Solution


The IR35 reform is just around the corner, and both businesses and contractors need to be taking steps to prepare. But how? In an attempt to eliminate any risks and remove unnecessary costs, some businesses have cut their contractor workforce. But, there’s an alternative solution. 

To help food and drink manufacturers prepare for the upcoming IR35 changes, we’ve released Teams as a Service – a new market-leading offering to augment your teams with a robust, compliant and qualitative consultancy model.

In short, it provides businesses with the perfect platform to help scale their team and increase efficiencies, all while ensuring IR35 compliance and alleviating risk for your organisation. We achieve this through a 3-stage cycle. Interested? Read on to find out about each stage as well as how it could help you.


Stage 1: Consult

The first phase of our bespoke solution will allow you to assess your entire contractor workforce for the upcoming off-payroll working rules. During the discovery phase, we’ll help you to review contracts and other supporting documentation to determine whether or not working with contractors is feasible for your organisation.

We’ll also examine the possibility of transitioning your existing staff to a fully contracted-out service. This will ultimately allow you to determine the suitability for our new Teams as a Service platform.


Stage 2: Build

Once your contracts have been reviewed, our market-leading partners will carve out the necessary services to be contracted out to us, at Silven Recruitment. At this stage, our associates will define and agree on the bespoke services and milestones required for your business. 

We’ll then share the relevant information with your internal management teams and educate them to ensure that they fully understand how the service will be delivered.


Stage 3: Deliver

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll deploy seasoned experts with your domain knowledge. This, combined with our experienced management team supporting you along the way, will remove any IR35 tax liability and prevent project disruption. 

More specifically, we’ll appoint a dedicated person from our team to manage the services and engagement. We’ll also provide service governance and reporting activity on a regular basis, allowing you to put all of your focus into current and future projects.


Protect your business with us

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses  to grow their team, while propelling their organisation forward. And that’s exactly what we’ll continue to do in 2021. Put simply, our Teams as a Service solution gives you the flexibility to scale and innovate at pace. 

So, whether you’d like to know more about our new product or perhaps have another question about your recruitment needs, get in touch today.

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