The quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector is thriving. Despite the various challenges thrown at operators, UK restaurant chains are performing incredibly well, and US businesses are expanding to the UK in an attempt to grow their market share.

Now, innovation is essential to stand out from the crowd, but bringing ground-breaking new products to fruition requires a team that really knows their stuff. That’s where we can help…

Silven Quick-Service Restaurant Consulting

As people continue to change their eating habits and food preferences, the need to adapt to satisfy customers has never been more apparent. That’s why we decided to branch out and create a solution dedicated to supporting the QSR industry.

Our latest cradle-to-grave recruitment solution is built for both candidates and clients looking to flourish in the ever-evolving sector. So, if you’re an established or fast-growing QSR, you can put your faith in us to source top talent on your behalf – saving you time while allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Why the QSR sector?

We’ve worked with some of the biggest players in the QSR industry for over a decade – including KFCMcDonald’sNando’s, and Pizza Hut. Our specialists provide expert assistance to these international restaurant chains and have filled a whole range of positions – from supply chain planners and buyers, to senior quality managers and procurement managers.

With more restaurant chains thriving and expanding, we’re looking forward to supporting their recruitment needs – and we hope you’ll be one of them.

“Silven are a fantastic recruitment partner. After speaking to Emma about what I was looking for in my next role, she found me a fantastic opportunity, talked me through the role expertly, made the interview process really enjoyable, and with the very brilliant use of video interviewing, I was delighted to secure the role. Silven have continued to partner with me at Pizza Hut for the last few years, helping me develop the best team to achieve breakthrough results across the UK & Europe business unit.”

– Mark Mason, Supply Chain Director at Pizza Hut

Get the ball rolling

If you want to surpass the competition, you need a dedicated team of recruitment experts who truly understand what you do and what drives you. In other words, you need Silven! Our permanent and interim teams have over a decade of experience in the QSR sector, and offer an end-to-end recruitment service that includes sourcing, screening and onboarding candidates on your behalf.

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