What does your manufacturing business look like to a potential employee? Would you want to work for your company? Your employer brand needs to appeal to exactly the type of people you want to hire. And, in the wake of a pandemic, attracting the right kind of candidates to your organisation has never been more important. 

So, how exactly can you break the traditional manufacturing stereotype and show that you’re the business to work for? 

Your employee experience 

Besides the basics of salary and job security, candidates are now looking for “a commitment to health and wellbeing and working with a purpose.” Ask yourself this: What is it really like working for your company? Do you challenge and reward your team in the right way?

The recent pandemic forced many to change their way of living, and those businesses who went above and beyond to offer a compassionate and flexible response to their staff are the ones that truly stood out. 

Your opportunities

Increasingly, people want more from their job. So, it’s no surprise that those companies listed as the top organisations to work for have one thing in common. They offer their staff challenging and interesting opportunities fostering an internal culture centered around development and learning. 

Whether you support your staff to reach their potential every day, or make them feel like they’re part of something bigger than the initial picture, prove you’ve got their best interests at heart. That way, you’ll be the employer of choice for many. 

Your voice

And it’s not just what you can offer. Think about the message that your company gives their staff. Not only do your job adverts and person specifications need to make someone stop and take notice, but they must reflect your company culture. After all, a vibrant company culture is the deciding factor for a number of employees. Show that you’re fun, innovative and put your people first. If your company is rewarding to work for, prove it.

Attracting new employees is just the start. A happy workforce is one of the best ways to highlight your strength as an employer. Regular feedback surveys and suggestion boxes not only allow your existing employees to be heard but, addressing any concerns, can have a positive impact on your brand. 

What do I need to do?

In the current climate, those manufacturing businesses with positive employer brands are most likely to thrive. Whether or not you are currently recruiting, consider how your business is showing people of all ages that food manufacturing is an engaging and exciting industry to work in. Additionally, listen to your target hires, find out what they want from their professional lives and be sure to cover those values. 

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