How have the past few months really been for you? Before you answer that question, think about the positives that have come out of it. Perhaps you’ve managed to adapt your processes to become more efficient? Or maybe you’ve seen your team really come together?

With little to no warning, food and drink manufacturers of all sizes have been forced to change their ways of working. And despite the challenges, it’s not all been negative. In this piece, we highlight some of the lessons that UK manufacturers should take forward…

The reinvention of existing services

One of the best things to come out of the crisis has to be the innovation that some businesses have shown. One such example is UK restaurant chain, Leon. While they may have had to close their doors, they instead chose to repurpose their establishments into shops.

With ready-meals, ingredients and sauces available via home delivery or click-and-collect, Leon were able to keep their business moving in the right direction. Plus, the needs of their suppliers and consumers were being met.

The importance of suppliers

This takes us onto our next lesson: the importance of a diverse supplier list. With demand on a scale that most manufacturers are only used to once or twice a year, many have struggled to meet production needs. And, those who bring in ingredients as and when needed for production have faced a lack of key raw materials.

Of course, it still pays to have your preferred supplier. But, by building relationships with a select group of back-up resources, you’re more likely to be able to get your supplies in times of need.

The remaking of the factory

Many of those businesses who had to stop production of their typical products turned their attention to making PPE equipment. UK brewer, BrewDog, even launched their own hand sanitiser for the NHS.

This has meant changes to materials, manufacturing equipment and product designs. Not to mention, additional staff training and new safety procedures put in place. The lesson? A little ingenuity and agility are often all that’s needed to keep businesses going.

The need for experts

With lockdown measures easing and establishments now allowed to open their doors, there is potential for those businesses who can start trading to do so safely. However, with additional health and safety requirements and pressures within the supply chain to consider, the right personnel are more crucial than ever before.

Perhaps you need a factory manager responsible for all social distancing measures or other people in health and safety roles to help take care of hygiene requirements. Or maybe you’re looking for additional operatives to meet the growing demand. Either way, if you want to stay compliant while ensuring a successful business, having the right staff in place is key.

And, when it comes to hiring, Silven are the team to turn to. With lockdown coming to an end, businesses need to act fast in this ever-changing environment. Combining modern techniques with tried and tested tactics, we are able to match the correct calibre of candidates to your company – quickly. Our team is even able to source talent in those candidate-short markets. From permanent to interim staff, we can help so why not start the conversation today?