Preparing For IR35? Here’s Two Ways To Stay Compliant and Cost-Effective


As the IR35 reform approaches, UK businesses have a choice: make a blanket inside determination and deter top talent away, or evaluate the status of contractors on a case-by-case basis (a task that’s both time-consuming and risky).

But there is another way: partnering with an agency that can manage the risk for you. Food recruiters with the right capabilities, such as Silven, will help you maintain continuity while offering peace of mind when it comes to all things IR35.

We’ve developed two solutions for food and drink manufacturers looking to stay compliant and cost-effective after 6th April. Intrigued? Read on to learn more…


Silven Protect


Silven Protect takes the burden of reviewing contracts on a case-by-case basis off your desk. Our team will help you understand which contractors fall inside and outside IR35, allowing you to prepare for the new regulations ahead of the 6th.

This solution includes:


Workforce analysis

The first step is to audit your contracts and analyse who within your current workforce would be caught inside IR35 under the new rules. By helping you understand the level of risk you’re actually exposed to, we can map out the best course of action.


SDS reports

We’ll take on the responsibility for issuing Status Determination Statements (SDS) to contractors, ensuring you stay fully compliant and keep accurate records for HMRC requests. 


Insurance and supply chain compliance

In addition, we can also provide insurance for contractors working on-site through us. By partnering with Silven, employers can rest easy knowing that their contractor supply chain is both compliant and risk-free.


Teams as a Service

Looking to scale? Augment your teams with a robust and compliant consultancy model. Teams as a Service takes our support to the next level by providing you with the perfect platform to drive efficiencies and stay compliant, all while scaling your team.

This solution includes:


We start by reviewing your workforce in light of the incoming changes. We’ll audit contracts and other supporting documents to identify whether or not working with contractors is feasible post-April.


Bespoke strategy

Once we’ve identified your goals and requirements, we build a bespoke solution that outlines services and milestones, and contract this out to us, Silven Recruitment. We then work closely with your internal teams to ensure smooth collaboration between all parties. 


Expert delivery

Finally, we’ll deploy and oversee seasoned experts to work within your team, removing the IR35 tax liability and ensuring that projects can continue without disruption. It’s as simple as that. Regular reports and governance keep things on track, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.


Unsure which solution is best for you? Perhaps you need help preparing your business for the upcoming reform? Get in touch with our team today on 0161 832 7463 or by emailing