Interim Project Engineer

Posted 13th February 2018
  • North West
  • Negotiable
  • JP/1302_1518511122

The Opportunity

Interim Project Engineer

Daily rate

3-4 months, strong likelihood of extension

North West

The Company

Part of a larger group. World class engineering onsite. Strong team, large amount of capex, exciting times for the group.

In short – if you’re going to be working anywhere, you may as well be working somewhere with world class engineering.

If you’re going to be working anywhere, you may as well be working somewhere which is heavily investing and will have ongoing work for interim project engineers.


The initial scope is pretty simple.

Manage several projects. I’m sure there’s a better, more intelligent way of saying this – but in a nutshell you’re putting in kit. The site has a lot going on.

If you like detail, then here’s a little more:

Managing a collaborative process yourself, without having your hand held.

You’re at the latter stages of the kit going in.

You’re checking details.

You’re working with contractors.

You’re working with production.

You’re working with internal stakeholders.

You’re managing a critical path.

You’re not working for NASA, but the business does things exceptionally well and there’s A LOT happening here. So what?

So do a good job and you will be able to have your talents put to other uses.


You’ve got to be a good engineer. The business isn’t one when a spreadsheet, a macbook or an ivory tower will shield you.

If you’re a battle hardened project engineer who has worked extensively in pharma or food, then this could be for you.

Come up through the factory?

All the better.

You’ll either live in, or be happy to travel to, the North West.

You’ve moved kit. Put kit in. You’ve understood the risks involved. You’re managed them. You’ve managed projects with moving parts around a team with lots of moving parts, and got it done with contractors and production and the boss and goodness knows who else trying to take your eye off the ball.

If you have a t-shirt saying you’ve been there and done it, while I wouldn’t wear it to work literally, that wouldn’t be a bad place to be.

There’s two other things.

One. You can’t do this if you are an egotistical, unpleasant soul to work with. I know very few of us self identify as an egotistical, unpleasant soul – but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Two. You won’t be able to get away with being mediocre with this job.

The business is too switched on.

So you’ll be good.

If you were to want it displayed as bad quality code, it might be displayed as such:

Food background OR pharma background, AND,

Available in <2 weeks, AND,

Can travel to North West, AND,

Reasonable daily rate, AND,

Have moved kit, AND,

Have understood risk, AND,

Engaging, AND,

Have managed multiple stakeholders.

As the little creep on the car insurance adverts would probably say, “Simples”.

Why would you want this?

  1. Because you’ll work with superstars.
  2. Because there’s every chance of more work as the business are investing heavily.
  3. Because you’ll do some impressive work which will look great in a portfolio.
  4. Because work should be fun and something you enjoy, and working with great people in a busy time is one of the most fun things any of us ever do.
  5. Because you’ll get paid a daily rate, you’ll get paid it on time.
  6. Because not only does the group have a lot of other opportunities, so do Silven.

What to do?

Email me a copy of your CV. In the covering letter bit – let me know what you are missing of what I’ve outlined above, as well as what you have.

Then I’ll come back to you.

The goal is interviews this week. Start ASAP.