orange juice

Love or hate April Fools and the cringe it can bring, but it can also bring some pretty brilliant posts. This is to highlight some of the best April Fools posts in 2019 from the food industry.
The first one on our list today is one from Pizza Hut, with the announcement of a dog delivery team called M.U.T.T AKA Mini Urban Transportation Team. Extra points for the cute puppy, who certainly makes us wish this were real. What dog lover wouldn’t want this?


McDonald’s had a couple of good ones this year, but our favourite is the “shake sauce” dips they announced. What makes this really work is that we all know someone who dips their McDonald’s chips in their milkshake, and looking at the comments, it seems that there are quite a few people who wouldn’t mind this being a real thing even if it makes us shudder.


Next up we have yet another dog themed post (apparently, it’s dogs, not cats, that rule the internet on April Fools?) from Starbucks. They literally announced a Starbucks for dogs called, you guessed it, Pupbucks. There’s even an admittedly great video to go alongside it, so if you’re after your daily dose of cute, give it a watch.


Recycling, reusing and reducing waste is becoming a primary concern for many businesses, and what better way to do it than an edible coffee holder? Dunkin Donuts announced the Super Dough Holder, a giant donut that doubles as just that. Sounds sticky.


Speaking of sweet treats, our final pick for today is going to be something from Halo Top. Again, we actually wouldn’t mind this… so many of this year’s April Fools pranks have got us thinking, “why can’t this be real?”

This time, we have an edible ice cream face mask being announced. A lot of people manage to get ice cream just all over their face anyway, right? The “face masks” even have sprinkles in, for that all important exfoliation.