Team Silven Smash Mount Snowdon Charity Challenge


We are delighted to have taken part in the Mount Snowdon challenge and smashed our target for charity.

12 of our employees took to the rocky hills of Snowdon and decided to take the most tumultuous route, the Pyg Track.

A few cuts, bruises and scratches, but the team had a fantastic time and completed the round trip in just under six hours.

This year’s challenge was to raise money for the mental health charity MIND and after an overwhelming response to the Just Giving page, raised £642.

Organiser Kerry Voellner says, “It’s really positive that we work with a bunch of people who love doing their bit for good causes. When we put the idea to the team, they were all incredibly enthusiastic and all agreed that MIND was a charity they wanted to raise money for.

“Although the day was challenging, the team were in high spirits and encouraged each other along the route.

“The beers at the end were much appreciated!”

Managing Director Ian Simkins says, “We’re constantly looking at ways to engage our staff and taking part in team challenges like this always turns out to be good fun.

“Giving back is at the core of our values as a businesses, so days like this prove to be popular and has all the staff talking for weeks after.

“I look forward to seeing what our next team challenge will be.”

You can see the video of our trip here 

Silven partner with Reaseheath College


Silven Recruitment have partnered with Reaseheath College, the specialist education provider for food and drink talent in the North.

Specialist recruiter Ryan Roberts and marketing manager Kerry Voellner spent a day at the Reaseheath College Careers Fair, speaking to the students and getting to know the staff.

This trip is one of the first of a series planned with specialist colleges and universities across the UK, with a view to helping students gain an understanding of the broad range of career opportunities there are in the food and drink industries.

Ryan Roberts says, “We were delighted to be asked to attend Reaseheath Careers Fair. It was interesting to see the facilities on-site and to see first-hand the types of courses and training that the college provides.

“We believe that helping to promote careers in food and drink helps us to gain deeper industry knowledge of skillsets, but also helps us to build on future relationships with the talent that forms Alumni networks.

Kerry Voellner says, “As part of our ongoing commitment to CSR, it’s important for us to help clients and candidates alike by promoting the benefits of food and drink careers.”

Emily Fisher, Commercial and Development Manager at Reaseheath College says, “Following on from Reaseheath’s successful Careers Fair, the college’s Food Centre is excited to be developing links with Silven Recruitment.

“We will be working closely to provide relevant and exciting job opportunities for our food students.”

Silven will be returning to Reaseheath in the summer to provide guest lectures to the students, focusing on new product development.

Silven Hampers of Hope


We are delighted to announce that our 2016 charity project, Silven Xmas Hampers has been a huge success.

The initiative brought together food businesses from across the UK who donated goods to make up hampers for low-income families across the North West.

Working in the food industry and with Christmas coming up, we wanted to do a project which could include our networks and make a difference locally.

We partnered with Wood Street Mission, a local charity that assists low-income families with food and clothing.

Marketing Manager Kerry Voellner says, “When we put the idea to the consultants, they were delighted to get involved and got straight on the phones to ask for donations.

“The response was overwhelming. What we thought would have been a small project, turned into a huge one. We were literally accepting deliveries every day.

“One company even sent a pallet!”

Managing Director Ian Simkins says, “We are always open to ideas of how we can get involved with CSR projects.

“With the idea only having a week to work, we were a bit dubious at first whether we would even end up with any food, as the timing was tight.

“At this time of year, it’s challenging to get through to the right people and to get things arranged logistically.

“However, the response we got was amazing. We not only managed to make hampers, we ended up with tens of boxes of surplus, all of which was donated to the project.

“We are thrilled at the amount of people that got involved. We look forward to hearing from the Mission about the positive impact it will undoubtedly make on local families.”

Roseanne Sweeney Chief Executive of Wood Street Mission said, “Christmas is a difficult and stressful time of year for families who are struggling and can’t afford the toys and treats others take for granted.

“Thanks to the fantastic support of the local community, including this generous donation from Silven Recruitment, we have been able to alleviate some of the financial pressure on parents at an expensive time of year and put smiles on thousands of children’s faces.”

Silven would personally like to thank Zen Office Products, Amia Foods, AB World Foods, Westmill Foods, Tyrrell’s Crisps, Calbee UK, Kerry Foods, Robertsons, Burton’s Biscuits, Kellogg’s, Cott Beverages, Park Cakes, Mackays and Jordans Ryvita