Looking for a new job and going through the interview process can be daunting enough – let alone trying to do it during a global pandemic. When Andrea Keir first saw the job advert for food company Baxters, she had no idea how quick, easy and simple the process would be.

In fact, by knowing exactly what Baxters were looking for and using technology to aid their hiring, Silven were able to secure Andrea a new role in just four days…


Looking for work in lockdown

When Andrea Keir found herself without a job in 2020, she was concerned that the current circumstances and job market would impact her searches. After all, the global food manufacturing industry had been hit hard due to COVID-19 and, for many companies, hiring had been halted.

Aware that she wanted to remain within the industry however, Andrea began searching for roles in procurement. But with a lack of response from other agencies and job applications being ignored, she soon became disheartened. That was until she came across an opportunity for an Indirect Procurement Business Partner at Baxters – advertised by Silven – and decided to apply…



Working with an expert

Within hours, Andrea had a response from Silven’s Permanent Managing Consultant, Emma. Emma had already done a lot of the legwork with Baxter’s European Procurement Manager, Laine Herd. She knew exactly the sort of person that Baxters wanted and felt that Andrea matched.

A video call was set up between Andrea and Emma where the pair discussed the opportunity at length, the responsibilities and requirements as well as what Andrea was looking for in her career. Andrea says the detail in which Emma went into regarding the role, her ability to adapt her approach and her accurate knowledge of the sector further helped.

Despite ongoing lockdown measures, Andrea was able to proceed with the process – using video calls for preparation and interviews. Not to mention accepting the offer too…



A quick and easy match

Emma’s knowledge and understanding of what both Baxters and Andrea wanted meant that she was able to work quickly and efficiently to find the right match. In fact, just four days passed from when Andrea first saw the advert to her accepting the role.

Andrea described Silven’s service as much easier and quicker compared to that of their competitors. She also states the relationship between Silven and Baxters as an additional reason as to why the process was so simple – and successful.

If you’re looking for a new opportunity, don’t let the current climate put you off. Our team have established working relationships with food manufacturers all around the UK, and we have plenty of exciting roles up for grabs. Just think about it – take the first step towards your future today and you could be starting your new role sooner than you think. So, why not start the conversation today?