Baxters have been feeding the nation since 1868, creating high-quality food products from their base in Scotland. As a family-run business, the right people have been instrumental in growing the brand from its humble village beginnings to the global name it is today.

“To make the best quality products, we need the best people.” This is their motto when it comes to recruitment. So, when European Procurement Manager, Laine Herd was tasked with growing her team, she knew exactly who to turn to – even during a global pandemic…


A trusted partner 

Baxters pride themselves on taking the same approach to selecting ingredients as they do for the people that work for them. It’s a carefully thought-out process. To stay ahead of the competition, they also continuously evaluate the current skills within their department, looking for any gaps.

It was after one of these assessments that the company decided to expand their indirect procurement area. Tasked with the challenge, Laine – who had never recruited for a role in food manufacturing before – sought the help of Emma and the Silven team.



A proactive approach

Upon hearing about Baxters’ new opportunity, Emma arranged a video call with Laine to determine what exactly she wanted from a candidate. Aware that Laine’s day-to-day role was extremely busy, Emma wanted to ensure that the process was as productive and hassle-free as possible.

Before sending over any CVs, Emma got in touch with Laine to explain why she had made the choices she had. That way they were able to speed up the process and Laine didn’t have to view any applications that she didn’t think would suit.

By listening to the client and their individual needs, Emma was able to only put forward CVs that she knew would be a good fit – something that impressed Baxters, after rejecting CVs from other recruitment agencies in the past. The process was further hastened and simplified with fantastic communication, a lack of hefty paperwork and the use of video calls – Baxters were extremely pleased about this as a result of their rural location and subsequent lockdown measures.



A rapid resolution 

The quality of candidates that Emma put forward was so good that Baxters ended up hiring two people! Plus, the excitement has spread around the company and there’s a genuine buzz thanks to the speed of the new hires. 

Think hiring in the current climate would be tough? Perhaps you need a specific set of skills – and fast? Either way, at Silven, we’re here to take those stresses away from you. In short, we’ll focus on your recruitment so you can get back to your day job – just like Laine did. So, why not start the conversation with one of our consultants today?