The plant-based market is growing rapidly, and with 14% of UK adults now following a meat-free diet, it shows no signs of slowing down. As demand for vegan and vegetarian alternatives continues to rise, we can expect to see more plant-based options being offered by food and drink brands.

Here, we outline five plant-based trends to expect in 2023…

  1. Texture, flavour and appearance will improve dramatically 

The unique flavour and texture of meat is difficult to mimic – whether it’s the flakiness of fish or the tenderness of steak. In fact, taste and texture is one of the main complaints among plant-based consumers, though some brands do it incredibly well…

Quorn creates vegetarian ham slices that elevate salads and sandwiches. Gosh! produces picnic-perfect veggie cocktail sausages. Jack & Bry sell award-winning jackfruit burgers that just melt in your mouth. And Vly takes milk alternatives to another level. 

As technology advances in the space and we learn more about plant-based alternatives, the texture, flavour and overall appearance can only get better! 

  1. The range of plant-based alternatives will diversify

Of course, making these improvements to plant-based food can only mean one thing – there’ll be a wider range of options available. We’ve already seen vegan alternatives for pretty much every food category imaginable, and there’s a variety of substitutes out there too – potato milk, anyone?

Aside from meat alternatives, we’re seeing a rise in plant-based chocolate, eggs, cheese, organic milk, and fish, but there’s still a long way to go. 

  1. Plant-based seafood will become more popular  

Plant-based seafood isn’t new, but the category hasn’t quite reached the same level as meat or dairy alternatives. According to Spoonshot Co-Founder and CEO Kishan Vasani, less than 0.2% of seafood product launches carry plant-based or vegan claims. 

Fortunately, this creates room for growth and innovation – and we expect plant-based seafood to take off in 2023.

  1. The call for clean labels will get louder 

Over the years, consumers have become more conscious about what they put in their body, and the demand for clean labels (healthy and free from artificial additives/preservatives) is clear.

In response to this, plant-based food and drink manufacturers are using minimally processed and easily recognisable ingredients in their products. This provides the opportunity to get creative with new and simpler ingredients. 

  1. Plant-based fast food will be the next big thing in QSRs 

If you hadn’t already noticed, quick-service restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King now offer plant-based options on their menus. We think the number of vegan and vegetarian options in fast-food chains will continue to grow over the next 12 months, as plant-based alternatives become more mainstream.

We also expect to see more quick-service and table-service restaurants serving exclusively plant-based food. Clean Kitchen Club is a great example!

Ready to innovate? 

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