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Tim Black//Recruitment Consultant / Interim Technical

A bit about me:

Tim focuses on the Interim Technical market has vast experience in the recruitment space. He believes interims need to be able to make a fast impact in tough situations.

He says, “The interims I work with make sure that the food we eat is safe. That’s pretty important. It’s great to know that I know my stuff and can do a great job for clients and candidates alike. That gives you serious job satisfaction.

“I spend all day talking to interims and make it my business to know who is available at any given time. This means if a job comes up, I can usually get a client a short-list within the hour and set up interviews the next day.”

Tim has a geography degree, which is unsurprising considering he has been to over 30 countries and tries to visit a new one each year.

Fun Fact:

Tim is a good rapper and would happily do Eminem’s “Rap God” at Karaoke

Favourite Food:

South East Asian

What do you like about working at Silven?

"It’s easy to be ignorant of where the food we eat every day comes from, but working here you get to know all the secrets that my friends don’t know"

Favourite Quote:

"When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea." – Eric Cantona

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