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Jez / Jeremy Pierce

Jez / Jeremy Pierce//Sales Director

A bit about me:

I absolutely love recruitment. AND the food industry. Most of all, I love it when I meet someone who blows me away. I love picking up the phone to people who might be able to use that kind of skill set, and getting through to them as they just happen to need someone. I also love it when you see a trainee go on to be an amazing recruiter. When I’m not loving my job, I’m at home with my three kids.

Fun Fact:

I had 20 jobs by the time I was 20, and nearly became a copywriter instead of a recruiter.

Top Recruitment Tip:

If you’re working hard and not smart, someone else is beating you. If you work smart and not hard, someone else is beating you. If you do both, someone else is probably still beating you. You need to work hard and work smart.

What do you like about working at Silven?

Everything – the people, the culture, the values, the industry, the nuts and bolts of the job, the beating heart of the place!

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