NameCandidate / Client?Score CommentsConsultant
LorraineClient9Enjoyed working with Siobhan on our 'first' engagement to secure Ryan Harrison.
She was very thorough and patient whilst going through the process!
Siobhan IrvineDECEMBER 2023
RyanCandidate10Siobhan has been extremely helpful and has ensured the process has moved as quickly as possible. I wouldn't hesitate incontacting Siobhan should I be looking for work in the future.Siobhan Irvine
RichardCandidate10Very helpful and proffesional approach by EdwardEdward Crampton
PaulCandidate10Pip kept me fully up to date on the process through calls and texts and when not around was handed over well so couldcontinue the the conversations, on boarding was easy and everyone friendly through the process
Having a small conversation when contacted by Silven and taking references is also a positive.
Pip Holland
DominikaCandidate10-Jodie Ebdon
AledClient9Gilbert maintained excellent comms throughout. Thank you!Gilbert Gregory
JackCandidate10-Hannah McGrailNOVEMBER 2023
RussellCandidate10-Amelia Hinton-Carroll
MrunalCandidate10-Jodie Ebdon
DamilolaCandidate10-Amelia Hinton-Carroll
GerryCandidate10Professionalism and communication was outstanding. Thank you for creating a seamless and efficient recruitment experience.I would highly recommend your services to anyone seeking a top-notch recruiter.Jodie Ebdon
SarahCandidate10-Rebecca Miller
MattCandidate10Fantastic service & proactiveness from Hannah.Hannah McGrailOCTOBER 2023
JamieCandidate10Siobhan was fantastic throughout. Right from the initial phone call all the way through to the end of my first week. So, thanksSiobhan your help was fantastic.Siobhan Irvine
SusieClient10-Gilbert Gregory
RhysCandidate10Amelia Hinton-Carroll supported me throughout the entire process; helped ensure my contract was right for me, andcommunicated effectively and consistently to me and on my behalf.Amelia Hinton-Carroll
AndrewCandidate8Hannah has been really helpful positive and communicative throughout the whole processHannah McGrail
TracyCandidate10Amanda has been brilliant to work with , she has rung and kept me informed of everything. Really happyAmanda Dolan
DavidClient10I was very happy with the service from Silven, the only feedback I would give is that on occasions they were phoning my officealmost every day. Sometimes when I had said I would get back to them. I appreciate that there was a delay on our end butsometimes I would end a call and say 'I will get back to you when I hear more' but the next morning I would get a call askingfor an update. It was very positive and great, but if I could give any feedback it would be that the volume of calls were toomuch at a time we were trying to negotiate with the directors. Thanks.Amanda Dolan
EvetteCandidate10Gilbert is a great guy, helpful and almost always available for a honest chat. Really keen to make sure the placement is rightfor all parties.Gilbert Gregory
AlexandraCandidate10-Lois Osborne
DeanCandidate10Amelia Hinton-Carroll is a huge asset for you, in my 35years of working i have never come across anyone who works harderto communicate! First class support all the way through the process and was a huge part to my success. I really hope you giveher opportunities and reward her for her efforts! Thank youAmelia Hinton-Carroll
KevinCandidate10I have really appreciated the service provided by the team at Silven, notably Lois, Gilbert and Gemma who all providedfantastic support in particular I need to mention the help provided by Amelia with her regular check-ins and guidance. I foundthat Amelia's help was a major morale boost when it was most needed.Lois Osborne
LizaClient9A good experience so far, really pleased with the consultative service we have received from Lois and the way she has takenthe time to try to truly understood what is important to our business.Lois Osborne
TraceyCandidate10Fantastic support all the way through the process, I am truly pleased. Amelia was professional, friendly and helpful. Thanks somuchAmelia Hinton-CarrollSEPT. 2023
NickClient10Lois Osborne couldn't have been more helpful and thorough from initial contact to closing out job offer.Lois Osborne
JeffCandidate10Amelia is amazing great communication even after hours and on the weekend. A credit to your company.Amelia Hinton-Carroll
NantiaCandidate10Excellent serviceHannah McGrail
PaulCandidate10Great service from Hannah and the team. Clear and concise job spec andcommunication of the highest standard.Hannah McGrailAUGUST 2023
TomCandidate10Very happy with the experience, working with Silven.Rebecca Miller
TomClient10-Hannah McGrail
KevinCandidate10I found Lois Osbourne very professional and approachable a pleasure to dealwith.
Thanks Lois for all your help.
Lois Osborne
AndrewCandidate10Lois was extremely professional, with great communication, updating me at allthe crucial points, during the process. Assisitng me in being appointed into anew & exciting role.
I was particularly impressed with the introduction to the initial teams meetingwith the client.
Lois opened the meeting and introduced herself in person prior to the start ofthe interview. It not only put a name to a face, but exceeded my expectations ofa recruitment comapny and just a nice touch. It's no doubt your USP.
Thank you!
Lois Osborne
KirstyCandidate10You guys are awesome, Tim and Harriet have supported me and kept me wellinformed throughout my job search and I look forward to working together in thefuture. Thank youTim Black
JamieCandidate10-Tim Black
JamesCandidate10A great team, great communication throughout.Rebecca Miller
SamCandidate10-Carole Hearn
KevinCandidate9-Amelia Hinton-Carroll
SamClient10-Edward Crampton
MartinClient9-Pip Holland
PhillipeCandidate10-Edward Crampton
AndyCandidate10-Tim Black
TimCandidate10Real pleasure to work with Silven. I find the who experience positive andprofesional.Tim Black
AnnaCandidate9-Hannah McGrail
KristianCandidate10Amelia did an amazing job helping me through the whole recruitment processand successfully landing me a role in an extremely competitive market. She wasalways responsive, encouraging, and gave me valuable feedback and advice.An excellent all-around recruiter, someone who is pleasure to work with. Thanksfor everything! 🙂Amelia Hinton-Carroll
HelenCandidate10I was made redundant at the end of March. I had a check in call from Amelia every week, regardless of whether roles wereavailable or not. My role needs were very specific, since my mobility had changed in the last year. Amelia was a source ofguidance and motivation and I don't think she knew just how much her calls were supporting me though a tough time. Ameliaworked closely with her colleagues and when Gemma had a role that was perfect for me, then Gemma took over. Gemmawas considerate and again, really supportive of me. Gemma's communication was excellent, Gemma checked in regularlywith me and gave me feedback every step of the way. I was successful in the role. Gemma continued to check in, even whenI had started.
I cannot thank you both Amelia and Gemma for their support and consideration at what was a really tough time for me. Theyare worth their weight in gold and I would recommend Silver again in a heartbeat. Thankyou again.
Gemma HarrisJULY 2023
RichardClient10The level of service received was first class. Nicole and Gilbert understood the requirements of the business and presented anumber of candidates which not only fit the job description, but shared the company's vision and values. "A Perfect Fit".Nicole Curtis
LizCandidate9-Amelia Hinton-Carroll
AtulCandidate10Really Good, excellent support from Silven.Lois Osborne
RussCandidate10I can't fault the Silven team on anything at all throughout the entire process. the communication has been excellent and bothNicole and Gilbert have been so supportive and kind as well.Nicole Curtis
AdrianCandidate10Your team have been excellent from Amy to Rebecca and Tim.. The portal nedfs some work and Chris has been excellent inhelping. I have not tried self billing but I intend using it this time, so I cannt comment on it yet. Thank you for the excellentwork and looking forward to working with you. AdrianRebecca Miller
SamanthaCandidate10Good communication throughout the process. Very helpful and knowledgeable of the site I was interviewing for. Good job allround.Carole Hearn
SylwiaCandidate10Amazing team! Keep in touch with you and update on progress. Highly recommending their services.Nicole CurtisJUNE 2023
WaseemCandidate9Service provided by Carole & Gilbert I was was more than happy with.Carole Hearn
HelenClient10Professional and very accessible for questions and queries.Carole Hearn
GavinClient10-Gemma Harris
NickCandidate10My No.1 Sales Team! 🙂
I couldn’t do this without you.
Pip Holland
JamesCandidate10The service I have received since I started working with Silven has been excellent.
From the very beginning speaking with Amy, taking me through the role of an interim in manufacturing has been great.I cant reccomend Amy enough for what she has done for me, working with her to fill roles for me as a client and thereafter guidingme in to the interim sector.
The team that Amy has are also very professional and helpful and are a credit to her. I also need to call out Chris who has given me advice on some financial queries I had.
All in all, Silven are an exceptional recruitment business and a pleasure to work with
Rebecca Miller
JodyCandidate10A great recruitment business to work with and I would highly recommend.Pip Holland
GregClient10Harriet especially worked hard to firstly find a short list of suitable candidates. Secondly she worked to understand thebusiness and overcame all challenges that were put in her way.
We received great service and the right interim for our specific need
Harriet WalkerMAY 2023
KelvinCandidate10-Harriet Walker
DavidCandidate9Don't tell Harriet I said this..... but she is an absolute credit to Silven! Excellent communication, asks exactly the rightquestions, responds quickly & efficiently to queries, manages expectations & timelines.... and ALWAYS returns a phone call oran email which is probably the most important thing.
I have, & already do, highly recommend Silven to my peer group.
Harriet Walker
RobCandidate10Carole was exceptional. I never had to ring her or chase her for anything as when she heard anything or had news she wasalways quick to get in touch. I felt she genuinely cared about my wellbeing and made the whole experience of changing jobs apleasant one.Carole Hearn
GosiaClient10It has been a pleasure to work with Silven. The communication was great, the response was prompt. Pip has been helpful inadvising and looking for the right person, despite the requirements we had to stick to.Pip Holland
GaryCandidate10-Amelia Hinton-Carroll
EmiliaCandidate10Great experience with Silven Recruitment team. Very friendly and professional approach at every stage of the recruitment.Special, huge thanks to Carol, who has guided me through whole process, gave me support and boost my confidence withmy application, provided outstanding communication and made me feel comfortable with whole process. Carol has lookedafter me thorough each stage, from preparation till feedback and ensuring I got the best deal possible. I couldn't ask for better'recruitment angel' than Carol. Loved every minute of interaction.Carole Hearn
HowardCandidate9Very good communication & support from Pip during the recruitment process.Pip Holland
JamesCandidate10I really enjoy working with Silven. Communication is excellent, always detailed and concise.
Harriet has done an exceptional job securing this contract
Harriet Walker
RachaelClient10-Gemma Harris
RyanCandidate10Emma was greatEmma HansonAPRIL 2023
TullioCandidate10-Emma Hanson
AlfonsoCandidate10Carole was extremely supportive, following up prior to and after each and every interview with the employer. She was able toget a fantastic salary package for me.Carole Hearn
DavidCandidate10The interim team are always fantastic, helpful and a pleasure to talk to. I really appreciate that they always comeback to mewith updates and feedback.Tim Black
UchennaCandidate10Hannah was very supportive in this process, I will like to extend my hug thanks to her.Hannah McGrail
JosephCandidate10-Rebecca Miller
RayCandidate8-Harriet Walker
KateCandidate10Harriet has been very efficient organising an interview and sorting out starting details for a new role, and made the transitionvery smooth. First time working with Silven and good experience so farHarriet Walker
MikeClient9-Rebecca Miller
AmyCandidate10I worked with Carol to find my new position, Carol is fabulous she goes above and beyond just finding a job. She advises onthem full profess with ease which takes the stress away of the interview.
A truly lovely pweronn.
Carole Hearn
StephenCandidate9Amelia was great i have been looking for a new QA job for a while with no success until she contacted me with thisopportunity and always kept me updated on how my application was progressing and giving helpful tips on how to give thebest interviewAmelia Hinton-Carroll
MarkClient10-Carole Hearn
TrevorCandidate10Gemma was very professional and personal throughout the process keeping me regularly updated.Gemma Harris
FernandoClient10-Amelia Hinton-Carroll
BrianCandidate9Harriet very friendly and helpful, feel confident she will keep me in the loop as and when new roles come upHarriet Walker
RajeevCandidate10I was guided properly untill I complete my interview process. Trudi was very helpful and arrange everything so effectively fromstart to end.Trudi Sutcliffe
ColinCandidate10I had the pleasure of dealing with Carole Hearn, from the very start of the process Carole was friendly and informative withgreat knowledge of Baker & Baker. Her coaching and tips helped me to prepare for the interviews and really put me at ease.She has been a real Superstar, and i am grateful for all the help and support i recieved.Carole HearnMARCH 2023
NeilClient9-Amelia Hinton-Carroll
HayleyCandidate10Amelia has been amazing throughout the whole process. She saw my cv and acknowledged my potential for the role I havenow had an official offer for. She listened to my experiences and has been supportive every step of the way.
Thank you
Amelia Hinton-Carroll
ShaunaClient10-Gemma Harris
JohnClient7Need to get feedback from HR recruitment regarding recommending your companyGemma Harris
OussamaCandidate10-Pip Holland
OlubusayoCandidate9-Gemma Harris
JakeCandidate10Tim has been great and very communicative throughout the process, as have other members of the teamTim Black
NenchoCandidate10I can't express more how happy I'm with Hannah. I couldn't achieve all of this without her. She is a rare gem with amazingpersonality and professionalism.Hannah McGrail
KeayreCandidate8-Harriet Walker
DerekClient10From start to finish, Amelia has been an absolute star. Excellent communication, understanding, and a very pleasantdemeanour.Amelia Hinton-Carroll
NiaCandidate10Regular and effective communication.Amelia Hinton-Carroll
ChrisClient8-Hannah McGrail
MacaulayCandidate10After 4 years of interim work, Silven are still the only recruitment agency who have secured me contracts! Always happy towork with you all 🙂Lydia Newman-Walker
NigelCandidate10Carole was especially professional and helpful. It was a difficuilt task for her given my crazy shift pattern however we made it.Thank you so much.Carole Hearn
ChrisClient10Carole was very good in terms of finding good candidates as well as keeping me updated on where she was with the wholerecruitment processCarole Hearn
MarkCandidate10Rebecca acted with pace and efficiency securing this role. She even facilitated personal introductions on the TEAMS interview and it was very clear that she had developed a good rapport with client representatives
She kept me constantly updated with the status of recruitment activities, and at the outset had a very clear understanding ofthe client needs, and was extremely effective in articulating the precise scope and nature of the assignment. I have a veryclear understanding of role, objectives and client expectation
Rebecca Miller
MarkCandidate10Very professional support from Hannah which was very much appreciated and helped me secure the roleHannah McGrail
BarryClient9Your consultant worked efficiently to help Edgmond fill the vacancy as quiclkly as possible.. It was a pleasure working withRebecca as she listened and met all of our requirements.Rebecca Miller
RebeccaClient9-Lois Osborne
IvanCandidate10-Lois Osborne
JohnCandidate10I can say with confidence the support I received from Gemma is the best I've experiencedGemma Harris
AndrewClient10As per usual Silvern have delivered a great service at speed which is critical in the FMCG world.
Great level of candidates with the relevant experience and skill sets.
Gemma has certainly pulled it out of the bag as per usual for us.
Gemma HarrisFEBRUARY 2023
VishnuCandidate10Amelia was very helpful and keep updating all the points in time. Proper follow up was there. Thank youAmelia Hinton-Carroll
NeilCandidate9-Tim Black
GhazanferCandidate10Like you needed me to answer thisPip Holland
JanetCandidate10Excellent communication
Most importantly honest conversation.
Hate being sold to and it is rare to find a recruiter who genuinely has my best interest at heart
Gemma Harris
MagdaCandidate10-Amy MossJANUARY 2023
JanineCandidate10Great staff who do a fantastic job!!Rebecca Miller
KimClient10-Gilbert Gregory
MarkClient10Lydia is a friendly, astute, considerate and professional recruitment advisor. Won't hesitate in future, reaching out to Silven forrecruiting temporary roles.Lydia Newman-Walker
AntonyCandidate10Harriet was great through the whole process, super quick with feedback and easy to talk toHarriet Walker
AnthonyCandidate10Helpful and understanding to my requirementsHannah McGrail
JasonCandidate7-Lydia Newman-Walker
JohnClient9Had some issues early on with candidates not responding / confirming but I think this is the way of the market at the moment.Carole has been a great help and pro-active throughout the process.Carole Hearn
StephenCandidate9A protracted process through no fault of the recruiter. Nicole was very professional and thorough throughout.Nicole Curtis
JeremyCandidate10Carole was more than helpful and accommodating and helped in all aspects of my application giving me an excellent serviceto secure the positionCarole Hearn
AnnaCandidate10-Nicole Curtis
RonaCandidate10Gemma, has been amazing, supportive, listened, answered questions and followed through which is really important and tookthe time and trouble to be there which is great quality in a recruiter ! and very rare these days .....
Thanks Gemma, you have been amazing....
Gemma Harris
EmmaCandidate10Hannah was very helpful and excellent communication and updates throughout the process. Would highly recommendHannah McGrailYEAR 2022
IanCandidate10Great service, recruiters always stay in contact which is important.Tim Black
AndrewCandidate10I was really impressed with Tim Black for securing me my new contract. I have also had very positive support from Harriet andAmy in a previous contract. Great company and very grateful for all your support. If you ever need my support then please donot hesitate to use me.Tim Black
StephenCandidate10Emma Hanson Has been amazing . Very helpful at every stage and even when I got stuck on holiday she re arrangedeverything for me .
Will recommend in future
Ste maher
Emma Hanson
DouglasCandidate10-Lydia Newman-Walker
NickClient10We at Forresters chose Silven Recruitment to source a most important role for us. Carole Hearn was tasked with finding us atwilight shift senior manager. All 5 candidates we interviewed throughout the process were of a high standard. Carole wasvery open and honest during the process and dealt with all communication in a prompt and professional manner. We havesince recruited one of the candidates that we interviewed. Carole was brilliant during the whole process and remained verypositive at all times. Carole is a credit to your business and we at Forresters would like to thank Carole and the Silven teamfor all the help we received. Best Regards, Nicholas Cooper (Operations Director)Carole Hearn
DuncanCandidate8The service both at Interim and now getting a full time position has been very good. Excellent reaction time for any queries orissues and my contact Amy has been very professional in all aspects of our Dealings .Amy Griffith
GaryCandidate10Carole was great! She understood what I was looking for and as mindful of my “job hunting knowledge”. She was alwaysprofessional, always reachable, even on non-work days, and she was always upbeat and supportive.Carole Hearn
DavidClient10-Emma Hanson
DavinaClient10-Lois Osborne
RobertCandidate10You guys have been my ‘go-to’ recruitment company when I’ve been looking for new roles.
I think you’ve helped me find three jobs in the food industry- a company I’ve recommended to many of my colleagues whenthey haven’t known where to look for roles
Lois Osborne
AlisonClient10-Carole Hearn
AlanCandidate10I have known Carole for more years than I can remember, she has always promoted me to clients and when not successful her feedback was always supportive and encouraging. I have now secured my idle role and Carole has been truly amazing throughout the whole process.Carole Hearn
SarahCandidate10A great experience with Emma and the whole process was so quick easy.Emma Hanson
JackCandidate10-Rebecca Miller
LauraCandidate10Emma kept me informed and was really supportive throughout the whole process. I would recommend her to anyone. Any questions I had, she found the answers and as quickly as she was able to.Emma Hanson
AshleyCandidate10Carole made the process enjoyable and kept in touch throughout, she was friendly and nothing was ever too much trouble.Carole Hearn
GarethCandidate10-Lydia Newman-Walker
AndrewCandidate8-Lydia Newman-Walker
ChristopherCandidate9Very professional and friendly serviceAmy Moss
ChynaCandidate10I have known and worked via Silven Recruitment for many many years. The team are fantastic, personable and dynamic. Ialways have time to speak to them, as they do with me.
Silven Recruitment is the best of the best - the best by a long shot, for permanent AND interim recruitment, for the foodindustry.
Harriet Walker
JoannaClient8-Amy Moss
DebbieCandidate10Carole has been so Helpful throughout my job seeking journey. Couldn’t thank her enough!Carole Hearn
AndyClient9Swift response to request for help. Good quality candidates.Lydia Newman-Walker
EmilyCandidate9-Hannah McGrail
NickCandidate10Once again my favourite ‘sales team’ have promptly found and helped me secure my next Interim role. Many thanks Lydia!Lydia Newman-Walker
StephenCandidate10Gemma contacted me regarding the role of Technical Co-ordinator at Extons. She emailed the job spec and arranged for ameeting on teams. This lead to 2 site visits which she arranged and kept in constant touch with me. She also did all this whilemoving home a having a birthday holiday. She is a credit to Silven RecruitmentGemma Harris
MichaelCandidate8Lydia was great and really looked after me.Lydia Newman-Walker
LizCandidate10Gemma is lovely to talk with and has been excellent throughout the recruitment processGemma Harris
JPClient10Real pleasure working with Harriet. Always professional and efficient.Harriet Walker
JamesClient10This has been the second time I've worked with Silven and the second time I've been impressed. Harriet is super superresponsive and always gets back when she says she will - which in this day and age is rare to come across.Harriet Walker
The team at Silven is wonderful. I appreciate the efforts you put towards the candidate.
I am truly glad and hope the same service in the future.
Best regards
Amy Moss
SimonClient10After confirming a candidate yesterday, I have already given Amy the brief for further vacancies within the business.Amy Moss
MarkCandidate10N/AHarriet Walker
PaulCandidate10N/AHarriet Walker
DarrenCandidate10I would 100% recommend Sliven to anyone I speak to and would score it a 10.
I do want to speak about Carole Hearne though as my recruitment contact i have had throughout this process.
I am struggling to find the correct words to describe how superb she has been with me, i have dealt with a lot of recruitmentcompanies over the years but especially over the last month or so since going through redundancy and found all the otherspretty inept and i often found myself in the dark not knowing what was going on or they completely ghosted me.
Carole on the other hand has kept me informed and up to date with everything that has been going on, offered me support,rang me after each interview to see how it went, rang the company to ask them how it went and at the end of everything shepitched me over the salary which they were offering and i ended up with 5k a year more than the advertised salary.
Carole is an absolute credit to her profession and has put Sliven in an a glorious light with me, as i am still going throughredundancy i will not be advertising my new position on linked in until i have gone through the full process but once theprocess is completed i will plaster the greatness of Carole and Sliven all over my linked in community.
It's been tough going through redundancy but Carole has helped take away all my fears for the future and put a smile back onmy face, could you please make sure Carole gets the feedback she deserves.
thank you
Darren Hunter
Carole Hearn
AndrewCandidate10Fantastic service from Gemma. I don’t see it as a work transaction but as a mentor and colleagueGemma Harris
ScottClient8N/AGemma Harris
AlanCandidate10N/AGemma Harris
AngelaClient10I have worked with Silven for a few years now, my main contact being Carole Hearn.
Carole Seeks to understand the requirements of the role and the business to ensure only suitable candidates are submitted
and always keeps my updated with regards to candidates and if there are any difficulties in recruiting for a particular role.
Carole Hearn
KatieCandidate10Carole was amazing. She listened to what I wanted from an employer and my career aspirations and matched me perfectly in
a new role. Dedicated professional and a truly lovely person,
Carole Hearn
AmandaClient10Very happy with the overall service we have received from Silven.Amy Moss
YeenCandidate9N/AAmy Moss
GregClient10I have had excellent communication from all the team at Silven.Carole Hearn
AlexClient8N/AGemma Harris
MattCandidate10N/ACarole Hearn
AndyCandidate10From the start of the process Carole was always available for any questions I had, and to keep me updated of any
When Carole went on annual leave in the middle of the process, her dilligence and professionalism of handing over to Gilbert
and Emma was exceptional, this in turn ensured that the process ran as smoothly as if she were there.
Everyone took the to congratulate me on my new role, it really felt that they were invested in me and my journey.
Well done and thankyou to Carole and all at Silven.
Carole Hearn
LynnCandidate10As my first time working with a recruiter I have found both Carole and Gilbert fantastic! Everytime I have had questions, they
have been answered quickly in a super friendly and supportive manner. Excellent from start to finish.....thank you
Carole Hearn
SteveCandidate10Really quick placement, understood role and person requiredAmy Griffith
JahangirCandidate9N/ATim Black
RobCandidate8A very efficient and friendly service.Amy Griffith
JoanneCandidate10N/AGemma Harris
SarahCandidate9Emma was extremely helpful and responsive to any queries. She is very candidate focused, personable and professionalEmma Hanson
NatalieCandidate8I was satisfied with the process.Amy Moss
SianClient10I have been working with Emma on a few vacancies we've had at Pizza Hut, and Emma has always been fab! For this specific
role, we actually had an offer out to the first candidate Emma shared (who was also brilliant). Unfortunately she received a
counter offer, and whilst not foreseen was totally out of anyone's hands. Emma quickly got back on the case and found us the
AMAZING Sally. We managed to interview her twice and have an offer out and accepted within 4 days, with her starting just
over a week later! This is all a result of Emma's amazing partnership. I always look forward to speaking to Emma, even when
we're struggling with roles or the bonkers market, she's always bubbly and friendly which makes the process so much more
enjoyable! She is an absolute credit and is someone I know I can trust to bring us great candidates.
Thank you Emma!!
Emma Hanson
SallyCandidate10Really impressed with Emma at Silven. She was straightforward and open but with a good sense of humour. She moved at
the perfect pace for the role and for me, she kept in touch, but not too much and I really enjoyed working with her.
Emma Hanson
KrisClient8N/AAmy Griffith
TomCandidate10N/AHarriet Walker
DavidCandidate9A refreshingly straightforward process. I haven’t worked through a 3rd-party agency for over 5 years until now.Amy Griffith
MartinaCandidate10I would like to say a massive thank you to help me get a new job and especially a big thanks to Amy Moss she is amazing
and we both were really excited about the whole process from scratch till the very end where I signed a contract with my new
employer. I am so happy and ready for the next chapter in my career. Silven recruitment agency is doing a great job!
Amy Moss
JosieCandidate10I was very happy with Carole's help and support throughout the process, including helping me deal with conflicting time scales
and balancing demands on me. She was professional and friendly, took time out to help me set up home technology to
smooth the interview process, and was excellent at facilitating the recruitment process when i was being, at times, quite
pushing and demanding of her due to the parallel application processes i was running at the time.
Carole Hearn
SerenaCandidate10N/AAmy Moss
PeterCandidate9Worked out well thanks Harriet. Quick and efficient.Harriet Walker
ElizabethClient10It was great to work with Gemma, she kept me fully updated throughout the process.Gemma Harris
BrendanCandidate10Gemma was fantastic, the process was so quick and easyGemma Harris
RufusCandidate10N/AGemma Harris
NigelClient10N/AHarriet Walker
MarcinCandidate10N/AHarriet Walker
PaulinaCandidate10Great support and very good communication recived from Carol.Carole Hearn
TonyClient10Carole was really helpful and friendly and always put us first, great attitude and would certainly work with her again.Carole Hearn
PaulClient10Amy Moss was very efficient - friendly, and helpful. The process was easy start to finishAmy Moss
SteveClient10N/AGemma Harris
NitishaCandidate10N/AJaimini Patel
ChristieCandidate9Good company, Louis was very helpful during the whole processLouis Ferguson
SusanCandidate10Friendly, efficient, informative and professional - I would thoroughly recommend to anyone!Gemma Harris
SabinaClient10Carole has a very good understanding of the food manufacturing sector and I believe this has been vital in her success infinding the right candidate for the role we were recruiting for. Carole has made the recruitment process really exciting andenjoyable, she understood our Company's needs, and delivered. Carole's great communication skills, professionalism anddedication is commendable - it was a pleasure to work with her.Carole Hearn
SylwiaCandidate10Great support, job and my new manager is perfect match. Carole should get a raise for doing great job. She did provideconsultation and new job, but she also provided mental support in very difficult time for me.Carole Hearn
JeremyClient10N/AJaimini Patel
StuartCandidate10N/AJaimini Patel
JanCandidate10Both Carole and Faith were extremely helpful and kind; the human touch makes such a difference. Thank you!
⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️
Carole Hearn
GisCandidate10Always found Silven staff very professional and supportive. Had roles through them before and always reliable and
Harriet Walker
TaiwoCandidate10Good service and support all through the searching and interviewing process.Gemma Harris
ChristineClient10Very pleased with Carols professional service.Carole Hearn
MichelleClient10From the initial contact from the Recruiter, Carole, through to offer stage for our most recent hire, I have to say the process
was seamless. I was impressed with the approach to our recruitment requirement including visiting our site to gain a good
understanding of our business to the innovative candidate video at interview stage which accompanied the CV.
Carole Hearn
MikeCandidate10Carole was fantastic throughout the whole process. She made what can often be an anxious process as relaxing as possible.
Carole responded very quickly each time she had new information. I haven't really used external recruitment before, but I was
pleasantly suprised. I felt that Carole was available at anytime I had any questions or concerns and even messaged the
morning of the interview from a personal number I'm assuming before she started work just to check everything was good and
to wish me look. If I was hiring myself I would absolutely seek support from the business based on my experience with Carole
Carole Hearn
JeanetteCandidate10Carole was one of the best recruiters I have worked with, she kept me up to date on progress every step of the way and was
always great to talk to.
Carole Hearn
PaulClient10Carole was very through throughout the recruitment process and managed the recruitment timescale and process exemplary,
We can't thank Carole enough for the support given and would not hesitate to use Silven again for any recruitment needs.
Carole Hearn
DebbieCandidate9N/ACarole Hearn
Rik Candidate10Very professional, and engaging with both client and candidate to ensure correct fit.Gilbert Gregory
DavidCandidate10Emma was great to work - very personable, knowledgeable and efficient. She had a great understanding of the role, thebusiness and hiring managers, as well as their interview process. Communication was first class, with regular check-in's andvery quick call-backs. I hope to work with Emma again in the future.Emma Hanson
MichaelCandidate10N/ATim Black
MichelleCandidate9My experience through Silven was extremely positive. I never thought i would be considered for anything other than amanufacturing/engineering role with this being my background. Through Silven I have mananged to land a super exciting rolein a new industry that is catering to all my aspirations for a new role, this would not have been possible wiothout the help ofGemma my recruitment consultant who first of all found me, telephone interviewed me and then recommended me to myfuture employer. To which i will be forever grateful, Thank you!Gemma Harris
JoanneClient10Great service. Gemma really understands our business and the candidates that will be the best fit for us.
This is why we return for all our vacancies.
Gemma Harris
CliveCandidate10Great serviceHarriet Walker
JoannaClient10N/AHarriet Walker
MarcusCandidate9Keeley Grindlford was my recruiter for this process. The way Keeley operates is fantastic, she is extremely understanding,diligent and encouraging making me feel at ease thought-out the whole process. She has always made me felt confidentgoing into any interview and made me realise my own worth. The level of professionalism along with her personalconvocations made it feel that she was on my side from the get go. From this, I felt we built a fantastic relationship which willnever be forgotten and in the future I feel I could count on Keeley to put me into other roles. I would and have recommendedSilven to friends and other colleagues for the best streamline recruiting. Thank you Keeley and Silven for finding me mydream role up in London.Keeley Grindrod
Rikki Candidate9N/AEmma Hanson
KatarzynaCandidate10N/AGemma Harris
PaulCandidate10In the three months I have been seeking a new opportunity I have had three different members of the team from differentcategories ( perm and interim ) checking in and updating on roles and developments . Steph landed me the Job called me ona Thursday evening , got a first interview on the Monday and within 10 days of that initial interview we got a contract .AwesomeSteph Foster
GinaClient10N/ASteph Foster
DhienyCandidate10I can't thank Gemma Harris enough for the effort and support she has given during the process of my application. To get aninterview with Fox's Biscuits is beyond my imagination. The position offered is what I have been looking for. The timing isperfect. Thank you so much Gemma, you're a star!Gemma Harris
JoshCandidate9N/AKeeley Grindrod
JamesCandidate10Very professionalFaith Eastwood
GeorgeCandidate10Your colleague, Faith Eastwood, was extremely helpful and kept me well informed as to how things were progressing with myapplication. Could you pass on my many thanks to her.Faith Eastwood
LorraineClient8N/ACarole Hearn
TonyCandidate10Having unexpectedly finding myself looking for employment at the beginning of the year. I engaged with several recruitmentcompany's and several approached myself, one of which was Silven Recruitment. Carole introduced herself and Silven to me,taking time to understand my situation and my expectations before proceeding to inform me of the opportunity which she feltwould be of interest to me, taking time to explain the role, why the role was available and whom the company were and herlong-term relationship with them. Carole kept me informed and assisted throughout the whole process, talking to me regularlyeven when she had no further updates. I felt Carole was truthful, putting me at ease the whole time, building a trustingrelationship.Carole Hearn
MarkCandidate10The experience with Carole is always a pleasant one and the role with Meadow Foods was no different.
Carole's communication is clear, effective and frequent meaning there are no opaque areas heading into interviews orunderstanding subsequent steps.
Carole Hearn
JasbirCandidate8Extremely pleased with how quick from application to offer in 11 days. Emma was great all the way through the process whichwas made easy with all the communication between us.Emma Hanson
EsterClient8John is very knowledgeable, has picked up our ways of working pretty quickly and really excels in the more practical aspectsof the projects, trial works etc. He is very keen to get involved in all aspects of the business and it's packaging needs whichwe welcome as long as it doesn't distract from the key projects he is responsible for.Harriet Walker
DaveCandidate10N/AHarriet Walker
KieranCandidate10N/AEmma Hanson
LisaClient10Great service - Thanks GemmaGemma Harris
MaxxCandidate9N/AGemma Harris
MohammedCandidate10Gemma was extremely helpful and gave me a great view of the profile of the job role , feedback from the employer andexcellent in organising the interview and was a great help in me attaining the right results for the attaining the job.Gemma Harris
PaulaClient10Carol really understands the manufacturing side of our business and always manages to find good quality candidates. I thinkall of our external appointments over the last 10 years have been through Carol.Carole Hearn
AndrzejCandidate10Carole prepared me very well for the interview and I could always reach her even outside of standard office hours.Carole Hearn
AndreaCandidate10Carol was amazing, so friendly and encouraging from the beginning to the end.
the prep sheets she sent was really good and helpful.
i am so grateful and excited to get started.
Thankyou for putting myself forward for the role.
Kind regards Andrea
Carole Hearn
GregClient10N/AAmy Griffith
DeborahCandidate10N/AGemma Harris
TudorCandidate10N/AAmy Griffith
JoshuaCandidate10N/AGemma Harris
IwonaCandidate9Really helpful and very good communicationLouis Ferguson
TomCandidate10Excellent, kept upto date thru the full processSteph Foster
NicolaClient10Dedicated to finding the right candidate, through appropriate vetting and visits to site to understand the environment.Louis Ferguson
DavidClient10N/AGemma Harris
DavidCandidate10Gemma was exemplary from start to finish, great comms, great advice. A role model of what good recruiting looks like.Gemma Harris
JackCandidate10N/AHannah McGrail
LewisCandidate10Louis has been fantastic throughout the whole process. Really took the time to understand what the company was looking forand what I was looking for and put us together. He catered around my free time for calls and messages and kept me in theloop though every stage. He offered prep for interviews and advised what the company was looking for. Honestly one of thenicest and most helpful guys I've ever dealt with. A true asset to Silven. Thanks for all your help.Louis Ferguson
JohnCandidate9N/AHarriet Walker
JonCandidate10I have been both a Silven candidate and client over many years and just wouldn't go anywhere else.
They have consistently delivered, the professionalism of all the team and their results achieved, for me makes them a trueprofessional collaboration one that I value greatly and I look forward to using for years to come.
Thank you guys 🙂
Keeley Grindrod
WillCandidate10-Hannah McGrail
LaurenClient10Quick to help and a high level of candidate providedSteph Foster
AntheaCandidate10-Steph Foster
DavidCandidate10Max was absolutely fantastic. Made the whole process seamless.
Please thank her from me.
The best!
Max Cable
TaherehCandidate10-Louis Ferguson
GarryCandidate10-Emma Hanson
ChristineCandidate10I can’t thank Emma enough for all her help and guidance.Emma Hanson
DavidCandidate10N/ASteph Foster
CarlCandidate10Carole was superb and very thorough from day 1Carole Hearn
AlisonClient10Carole is a joy to work with, very efficient, communicates the right level of information at the appropriate stages and the wholeprocess was very slick. The video format for pre selection is a great idea too and helped us decide on the short list!.
We will definitely come back to Silven if we have further recruitment needs
Carole Hearn
ColinCandidate10Both Amy and Harriet are a pleasure to work with and have always proactively kept me up to date with new roles andprogress on current applications.Amy Griffith
TimCandidate10A really nice helpful responsive and professional service. A pleasure to work with. TimHarriet Walker
JuliaClient10Speedy service and support when needed thank youHarriet Walker
HelenClient10N/AEmma Hanson
MarkCandidate10Gemma was fantastic from start to finish in such a speedy placement too. Not the first time I’ve dealt with Gemma and asever she’s approachable, informative, supportive, and there every step when you need her. Clear and transparent throughoutthe process, this is how Recruitment should be done.Gemma Harris
TomCandidate10Gemma was absolutely wonderful! She deserves a pay rise for how helpful and supportive she was.Gemma Harris
GerryCandidate9N/AHarriet Walker
ElisabettaCandidate10Great support received all the way to the recruitment and first day.
Emma Hanson has been very professional, helpful and efficient. Thanks to her finding my CV, that I have got the job.
Emma Hanson
AndyCandidate10Harriet was very personable and professional.Harriet Walker
PraveenCandidate10Emma and Jeremy were brilliant and got my interviews scheduled very quickly and had an offer with the business. All of thishappened within a week and the team have done a fantastic job. Thank you.Emma Hanson
DominicCandidate10Emma Hanson is a fantastic asset to your business,
Prepares candidates well and is always available
Emma Hanson
CharlieCandidate10N/AAmy Griffith
DeclanClient10N/ASteph Foster
IainCandidate9I appreciate that i was sought out for the role i was eventually recruited for so i think the selection process was veryimpressive. I would probably suggest that the initial discussion on package could have been clearer to prevent late stagefrustration in 'negotiating' the final deal.Carole Hearn
ChrisCandidate10A very effective, well managed process, my thanks to Tim who was excellent throughout.Tim Black
ShaunaghCandidate10N/AHannah McGrail
NicolaCandidate10Really great service from Emma. Friendly and helpful and made me feel confident about going for the new roleEmma Hanson
JohnCandidate10N/AHarriet Walker
HayleyClient9N/AMax Cable
MarkCandidate10Harriet has been extremely supportive in turning round this contract so quickly and especially given the challenges on IR35and has really supported me through this process. She was really determined to get me this roleHarriet Walker
EricClient10Harriet was excellent!Harriet Walker
EveCandidate10Max was so helpful in assisting me to find a job. She was very professional, friendly and kept me up to date with myapplication throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend Silven Recruitment!Max Cable
VeraCandidate10Max provided excellent support and communication during the recruitment process.Max Cable
LouisCandidate10Excellent and efficient serve from Tim Black. 1st class.Tim Black
ArgjendCandidate10Faith, has been really helpful and supportive all the time during the process.Gilbert Gregory
AliceCandidate9N/AKeeley Grindrod
KerryCandidate8Harriet has been fantastic ; nothing is a problem. It’s a real pleasure to work with her.Harriet Walker
MikeCandidate10I would just like to pass on how helpful and professional Carole was in understanding my needs and ensuring the role was agood fit for me rather than just send me to various job interviews jobs to try and fill a vacancy that other recruitment firms havedone to me in the past.
On a personal level Carole is a credit to the business and has made me and my family very happy in helping me obtain mynew role which will enable me to spend more time with them. I cannot thank her enough!
Carole Hearn
JamesCandidate10All the team have been fantastic.
I have been fortunate to use Silven for recruiting interim roles with my previous company as well as well as finding aplacement for me personally.
Great work,keep it up.
Steph Foster
TimCandidate10N/ACarole Hearn
ClairClient10N/AHannah McGrail
NeilCandidate10Hannah was honest and straight forward, she dealt with issues quick even when the client was going through some HRchanges.
She was never pushy and was happy to communicate by text as this is sometimes the most convenient way.
Painless process with timely and up to date feedback.
Hannah McGrail
MarilenaCandidate10Really great experience all round. Enabled me to find me the perfect role and I am genuinely excited about ny future career.Hannah McGrail
EmmaCandidate10Harriet was amazing in helping me secure a role. Very gratefulHarriet Walker
AncaCandidate7N/AGemma Harris
RyanCandidate10N/AGemma Harris
WojtekCandidate10Interview and paperwork process was really easy and straight forward. It was pleasure working with Steph on this role!Steph Foster
MartynClient8As Ryan is the first candidate that we are going to recruit from yourselves only time will tell as per the calibre and level of skillset.Gemma Harris
PoupakClient10N/AHarriet Walker
JohnCandidate10Fantastic communications and extremely helpful from start to finish. Amazing group who will go that extra mile to make thesetypes of opportunities as easy as possible.Emma Hanson
GrahamCandidate10Hi Ian,
Both Amy and Harriet are exceptional professionals who bring real credit to Silven. I have no doubt they will rise to the verytop and I wish them well. I know they have put themselves out to find a role for me and that is something that I reallyappreciate. I started my interim career with Silven and will always have them as my first telephone call when I am searchingfor a new job. I would not hesitate to recommend Silven as they truly care about their placements.
Harriet Walker
KevinCandidate10In Harriett who I deal with mostly and Amy you have two very great stars in your business and you lads need to watch yourbacks.
Always available and always looking to help my search for projects in a very professional and friendly way despite mychanging requirements all the time.
Ever since I first contacted Jeremy back in the day Silven have always been my go to people - I must get to see you guys inperson one day in "sunny" Manchester
Harriet Walker
DaveCandidate10N/AAmy Griffith
PaulCandidate10N/ATim Black
AnthonyClient10I think Gemma has been extremely helpful and is always pleasant and friendly on my calls.Gemma Harris
AnnCandidate8N/ASteph Foster
JohnClient9Harriet did a great job and was very on top of the process and was patient and pleasant to work with. We saw some goodcandidatesHarriet Walker
MarkCandidate10N/ATim Black
PaulClient9So far so good with the level of communication and setting up of interviewsSteph Foster
AnthonyCandidate10Gemma Harris was fantastic. Gemma is an excellent communicator both written and verbal with down to earth character.Gemma Harris
AndyCandidate10Keeley has been extremely professional and helpful throughout the process. Clearly outlining the steps from role descriptionthrough to interview requirements. I would highly recommend any prospective employer using Silven.Keeley Grindrod
EmanuelaCandidate6N/AEmma Hanson
RobClient10N/ASteph Foster
MarkCandidate10Gilbert is a fantastic asset to your firm, very informative with great feedback from start to finish.
Highly recommended
Gilbert Gregory
Morag BaileyClient10Professional service.
Good quality CVs
Tim Black
KasiaCandidate10I'm very grateful for help 😊Gilbert Gregory
RobClient10N/AKeeley Grindrod
PatriciaCandidate10Keeley was amazing from the start to the end. Great professional.Keeley Grindrod
HarryCandidate8N/ALouis Ferguson
SarahCandidate10N/ACarole Hearn
PhillipCandidate10A friendly and very helpful service from start to finish.Gemma Harris
HazelCandidate10Superb Support service from onset of process through to interview advice and beyond.
Thank you
Carole Hearn
MarcinCandidate10N/AGemma Harris
RichardCandidate10I am grateful to Gemma in particular for being 'on the ball', getting swift results and basically putting others' employmentprospects over and above
companies holidays !
Gemma Harris
ChrisCandidate10I reached out to Carole who straight away began feeding back on roles and potential Oppurtunties.Carole Hearn
GrahamCandidate10N/ACarole Hearn
Mary-JaneCandidate10Steph Foster has been a joy to work with and has been very helpful and supportiveSteph Foster
IanClient7N/ASteph Foster
SteveCandidate10Fantastic service.
A big shout out for Steph Foster.
Steph Foster
SteveCandidate9Kept me updated all through the processEmma Hanson
RobCandidate10Carole was my contact at Silven. She is very open, approachable and passionate. She gave me excellent advice and I amvery grateful to her for me getting this positionCarole Hearn
RajCandidate10N/ASteph Foster
MaurizioCandidate8N/AKeeley Grindrod
RichardCandidate10N/AHarriet Walker
SimonCandidate9N/ASteph Foster
JenClient10Keeley and Gilbert are wonderful to work with and they really 'get' the roles we look for in-depth. It feels like they are our in-house recruitment people!Keeley Grindrod
LaceyCandidate10Keeley couldn't help enough, even when I accidentally bugged her on her days off!Keeley Grindrod
NicolasCandidate10Everyone at Silven recruitment Ltd was absolutely amazing; Very helpful at any level, and provide, I believe, the best service.Emma Hanson
KarenCandidate10N/ACarole Hearn
SusanaCandidate10N/AGemma Harris
RobCandidate9N/AHarriet Walker
JennyClient10the whole process was handled very professionally and was both quick and easyHarriet Walker
OmrajClient9Good efficient service and constant communicationCarole Hearn
LukaszCandidate10Very professional and discrete way of contacting me.Gemma Harris
RichardCandidate10Gemma was really good at her job .. .. with help and supportGemma Harris
JulianClient10N/AEmma Hanson
AnfrewCandidate10N/AEmma Hanson
RobCandidate10Very professional a pleasure to work withAmy Griffith
SueCandidate10Harriet is fantastic , but not keen on Harvey Nash it is the first time that my contract is through a third party and I am notimpressed with them .Harriet Walker
SteveClient10N/AGemma Harris
LouisClient10N/AKeeley Grindrod
ManjitCandidate10N/AGemma Harris
HelenCandidate10I am absolutely delighted to have secured my new position, with a fantastic company & team. Gilbert was there for me everystep of the way, with advice, guidance, good luck calls and feedback at every single stage. I was a passive candidate and hesold the company to me from the very first call! Thanks Gilbert, from an extremely happy candidate!Gilbert Gregory
TyroneCandidate10I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carole for all her help during this process. Her insight into the people I wasinterviewing with was exceptional and enabled me to tailor my presentation perfectly. Carole took the stress out of the processby liaising with them to ensure I could do the testing on site on the day of the interview. I couldn’t have done it without hersupport. Nothing was too much trouble for her and as a result we aced it.Carole Hearn
NkechiCandidate10Emma and Jeremy were very helpful, listened and gave as much information as possible.Emma Hanson
RichardCandidate10Gemma was very helpful and I will recommend you going forward.Gemma Harris
AmbereenCandidate10I found Amy to be great at understanding my needs & was extremely professional. She was very at keeping me in the loopwhen dealing with your clients.
This is my second contract with Silven this year, so I am definitely happy.
Amy Griffith
EmmaClient9Great service as always from Carol Hearn
Only thing stopping it being a 10 is the cost as one of the more expensive agencies
Carole Hearn
HelenCandidate10Hannah has been amazing… I was recommended for the job to Hannah by Emma Hanson ( my recruitment guardian angel! )Hannah McGrail
NeteshaCandidate10Emma Hanson is really good. Best recruiter I have worked with to date. Polite, professional, good listening skills and quick atresponding.Emma Hanson
MarkCandidate9Have worked with yourselves for last 3 placements over span of 14 years Thanks with all helpHannah McGrail
JamesCandidate10I have had discussions with Carole Hearne on a number of occasions over the years and can honestly say that she is anasset to the recruitment industry.
Not only is she professional and honest, she has the ability to put candidates at ease throughout the interview process.
I genuinely feel that she cares about what is best for me and works to find opportunities that would be the right cultural fit.
She is an absolute breath of fresh air.
Carole Hearn
AylinClient9N/AEmma Hanson
JaswinderCandidate10I would like to say that Keeley was absolutely amazing all the way, such a pleasant lady, easy to talk to and approach. I amever so thankful for her support in my journey. Nothing was too much for her.
Thank you Silven Recruitment for giving me the opportunity to progress onto a new job opportunity.
Keeley Grindrod
DarylCandidate10I was so shocked how Gemma was quick to get the interview for me and how helpful she's been through it all. Honestly best recruitment agent I've come across. I'd say she deserves a big bonus or a raise 😁. Thank you for all the support. I wish sheknew how much she's helped changing my life around. Absolutely amazing and grateful for this. DarylGemma Harris
DebraClient9N/AGemma Harris
GrantCandidate8N/AAmy Griffith
JamesClient10Emma is excellent at her jobEmma Hanson
AnitaCandidate10I already recommended Silven Recruitment to my colleague.
thank you for great service and very quick responses from Gemma.
Gemma Harris
RobertClient10Great service, many thanks.Gemma Harris
ChrisCandidate8N/AGilbert Gregory
ParagiCandidate10N/AKeeley Grindrod
MarkCandidate10Carol is an absolute credit to you, use her as a bench mark and you won't go wrong.
Thankyou for the help.
Carole Hearn
AnitaClient10N/ACarole Hearn
SolaCandidate10N/AKeeley Grindrod
IngridCandidate10Keeley Grindrod was amazing during the entire recruitment process. She really took the time to support me with any queries Ihad, and gave me plenty of feedback throughout. She’s set an incredibly high bar for all other recruitment agencies! I woulddefinitely recommend her to all my colleagues.Keeley Grindrod
ShaunCandidate10Very helpful and clear instructions, every step of the way.
Many thanks
Carole Hearn
MikeClient10I've worked with Silven over a number of years as both employer and candidate and I genuinely think they are a great gang towork with. They're definitely the best I've worked with.Carole Hearn
RachelClient9Great comms and speed with this critical role. Thank you.Amy Griffith
AnnaCandidate10Amazing People 😊 thank you so much for all your help and Time. Xx
Gemma Harris
RichardCandidate10Phrases that come to mind in my dealings with Harriet include friendly, professional, good levels of communication regardingprogress etc.
Will def. recommend
Harriet Walker
MatthewCandidate10Over the years I have always found Silven a good company to deal with, initially with Jeremy and more recently with both Timand Harriet - honest and open discussions throughout... thanks... and on this occasion special mention for Harriet who hasbeen positive and helpful during a tough interim gig to get over the line, I look forward to working with the team again in thefuture, MatthewHarriet Walker
SeanCandidate10Very helpful with finding any Information I needed and quick.Gemma Harris
KarlClient10As always great service, commitment and knowledge from Carole Hearn placing a new Warehouse Manager and ProductionManager in Destiny Foods.Carole Hearn
BlazenaCandidate10N/AKeeley Grindrod
RichardCandidate10N/AGemma Harris
KatyClient10N/AGemma Harris
SeanCandidate10Fantastic, provided all the information I needed and match a job to what I wanted.Gemma Harris
RobertaCandidate10Keeley was the best! Thank you!!!Keeley Grindrod
KarenClient8N/AMax Cable
ShitalCandidate9I was happy with the service, I received from Harriet at Silven and am looking forward to learn more within my role at aworldwide fruits. Harriet is always friendly and polite and she has said that I can contact her anytime if needed. It would benice if Silven could have given a slightly higher daily rate or give some sort of reward / gift voucher at the end of contracts totheir clients . This would help cover costs with Umbrella fees.
I hope Silven will be able to help me find other recruitment after my contract with Worldwide Food finishes . I will recommendSilven to my friends and it would be nice if Silven would also consider paying their clients directly rather than going throughUmbrella.
Harriet Walker
ClaireCandidate10Max is amazing and true assets to your businessMax Cable
KerryCandidate10Carole was really helpful every step of the way, really good experience!Carole Hearn
AlicjaCandidate10N/AKeeley Grindrod
MikeCandidate10What I like about Silven and of course my recent interactions with Gilbert have been about openness and honesty. Itsimportant from a candidates prospective that they are kept duly up to date with the progress whether or not there is any majorupdates. Gilbert was ace at doing exactly that. Do what you say you're going to do, when you say you are going to do itclearly as important to Gilbert as it was to me. So thank you for being alongside me for every step.Gilbert Gregory


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