man in a grey shirt

Tim Black

Executive Consultant Interim

A bit about me

When I started recruiting interims in food and drink back in 2014, I was baffled. At first it was a lot to get your head around! However, as a foodie and a (somewhat) technically minded person, I loved learning about this industry. Your average member of the public has no idea where the stuff on your supermarket shelves comes from and I love being able to put them straight over a few glasses of wine at Christmas dinner.

Having done all kinds of pretty brutal sales jobs whilst I was a student (yes I was that PPI guy – sorry!) I’ve got to say I found my sweet spot in recruitment. It’s great to do something that makes a difference, is exciting and rewarding. 

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Fun Fact:

Challenge me to a rap battle. I dare you! I’ve been “spitting bars” and “throwing shapes” since I was a teenager. I’ve shocked many an urban youth with my smooth flows and perfect timing!

Top Recruitment Tips

Talk less and listen more. When I started in recruitment I thought this job was about “selling” but it’s not. It’s all about understanding what people need and delivering results for them. If you ask great questions you’ll get great answers.

What do you like about working at Silven?

Silven is the best proving ground I can think of. There’s a lot of knowledge and experience (not saying you’re old Ian!) that the founding members have to share, and if you can soak it up like a sponge you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere better to fast track your recruitment career. Oh, and we do know how to have a good knees-up!