Lois Osborne is a Recruitment Advisor at Silven Recruitment

Lois Osborne

Recruitment Advisor

A bit about me

I’ve come to recruitment after working as a Teaching Assistant in a High School for 5 years. I was ready for a complete change with loads of new opportunities that I could really stick my teeth into – and that led me to recruitment! My degree is in Dance with Aerial Performance which does mean I like to show off, but I’m also a self-professed super geek who LOVES learning and is always up for giving something a go.

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Fun Fact:

Was once rugby tackled to the ground at a wedding, dressed as Peppa Pig when I worked in child entertainment industry.

Top Recruitment Tips

Feel the fear and do it anyway! It’s never as scary as you imagine!

What do you like about working at Silven?

The people! Absolutely everyone we work with is so supportive and welcoming, I can’t imagine a better environment to start my journey into recruitment.