Technical Manager - Central Scotland

Silven Recruitment

  • Location: Central Scotland
  • Job Type: Technical
  • Contract Type: Permanent
  • Salary: £65000 / year
  • Date Posted: 10/07/2024
  • Expiry Date: 09/08/2024

Technical Manager

Technical manager
£65000 / year
Central Scotland

Some places are easy to work at. You clock in. You clock out. You go to bed. It’s fine. It ticks along. You might progress. It might take a while though.


This isn’t that.

This is a high profile role with the a formidable site and the most demanding customer there is. It’s great if you want to go far. Less so if you want to clock off at 3pm on a Friday.

The site in question has a challenging reputation. Significant positive changes are underway.

  • M&S dedicated.
  • Had an influx of cash and investment.
  • Launching a double-digit range of new products to be launched into the Autumn.

The business has a great Site Director as well who will help develop your career. If you want to progress within the food industry, and get yourself to Head of Technical and Technical Director roles, then a prominint position within an M&S dedicated site with loads of NPD is a pretty good place to start.

What the job is

The site is something like 150 people. You’re a customer facing technical manager. The business was audited a month ago by M&S, and I’m happy to talk you through the results and the improvement points.

The technical team is pretty strong for a site of that size.

You’ve got a Quality Manager, 6x QAs, a hygiene manager with a team beneath them, as well as office support to help with traceability and the like.

You’ll be working from a brand spanking new state of the art office block, which has recently been built onsite.

You’ll be talking to M&S and spend time in the factory. The Group Technical Director is a lovely person who will support you and help with your development.

Why you might want to do it

  • Great for your CV and career prospects – the most challenging retailer, and all the doors that opens – with new products and a key category.
  • A business which has opportunities for development – it might not be your “forever home”, but it’s a great place to progress and develop yourself. Or – you know what – it might be your forever home.

If you want fast paced, high profile – then it might be for you.

What you’ll need

  • You’ve been building a career in the quality or technical department of a food manufacturer.
  • You’ve been doing that for a number of years, and at least got to Quality Manager level. Ideally technical manager, ready for a step into a high profile role.
  • You’re comfortable in front a customer. If you’ve got M&S – great. If they know you and have an issue with you, then this will 100% be a blocker. If you don’t know them and want to build a career, and have other retailer experience – customer facing – then great.
  • Can do attitude! Not everyone wants to work hard. This role will require that. Some of us choose hard work and success over an easy life. If this sounds like you, then apply. If not, don’t.


If you’re interested, you have the right background in food manufacturing, in technical or quality, and you want to apply, then please do. Happy to discuss the role with you.