Engineering in Food Manufacturing Job Vacancies

Engineering careers that work for both candidates and clients

Engineering is fundamental in ensuring food and drink manufacturers remain ahead of the competition, yet it’s still operating the old-school way. Whilst there’s been some great change, recruitment is playing catch-up.

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Engineering job recruitment solutions to fit your business

Continuously finding issues when recruiting for your engineering in food manufacturing job vacancies? This is being felt across the industry.

Engineers themselves have a lot on their plate – from managing people, to managing budget, to managing relationships. On top of that, they must ensure that the right changes to products are made. But not every candidate has the necessary capabilities to ensure that everything is running like clockwork.

Traditional engineers were reactive and lacked interpersonal competence. Thankfully, there’s been a culture change. Forget the ‘do as I say’ mentality. Proactivity, and fantastic people skills are now at the forefront. Not to mention, technology is taking over, and engineering jobs require people that can effectively oversee these machines.

Food manufacturing businesses can’t afford to be behind on the times. But recruiting the best talent for engineering jobs can seem like an impossible feat. However, the right talent is out there. And much of it comes in the form of a female engineer. Yet, whilst their numbers are rising, there is still a significant issue with encouraging this type of career amongst women.


At Silven, we’re part of the change by ensuring that the best talent is sourced whenever a food manufacturing engineering job needs to be filled. It’s no wonder that businesses from across the industry come to us when others haven’t managed to successfully place candidates.

Wondering what makes us so reputable? We’ll tell you why our clients feel so secure in putting their recruitment needs in our hands…


Our recruitment solutions are just as high-level quality as the engineers we deliver to our clients. In fact, they’ve been ranked as ‘best-in-class’. Whichever market you’re operating in, we’ll tailor our processes to provide you with only the greatest talent.


Silven run at a speed that others simply don’t have the resources for. Our large, expert team guarantee that there’s an instant reaction whenever an engineering job lands with us. And, it’s never at the expense of being in-depth.

Broad network

We have an extensive network, allowing us to connect with fantastic industry talent. With us, you’ll have access to the most capable candidates. Filling your engineering jobs is just a phone call or email away.


Permanent? Interim? Mid-level? Senior level? Board-level appointments? Whichever type of engineering job you’re recruiting for, we can source the appropriate talent. And region doesn’t matter either. Our consultants have sole ownership of a dedicated area.


We’re just as innovative as you want your engineers to be. We keep our fingers on the pulse at all times. On top of this, we combine traditional methods with the latest tech to deliver where many recruiters fall short.

Always Learning

We never stop learning – because we think to cease learning, would be detrimental to us, our clients, and our candidates. Our team leverage new technologies and LinkedIn for the very best results. This makes us your competitive advantage.


Engineers shouldn’t be reactive… and nor should recruitment. That’s why we’re always proactive. We’ll do what it takes to develop your business for the better. Your best interests are at the front when we recruit for your food manufacturing engineering jobs.


We know the recruitment process inside out – we’ve been working in this industry for years. Every challenge that comes with sourcing a specific type of talent, we’ve seen it. And also combatted it.


Want to forget the trouble of recruiting for food manufacturing roles altogether? Then speak to our team. Plenty of others have benefitted from using our services, and now it’s your turn.

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Unearthing Ideal Engineering Jobs

Seeking engineering in food manufacturing job vacancies? Are you fantastic at managing people, budgets and relationships? It’s great timing – there are many businesses in the sector looking for high-quality talent.

When it comes to engineering jobs, the type of required skills include accuracy and efficiency. Engineers need to be acute at determining the speed of tasks, as well as uncovering the best ways to achieve the fastest routes. When it comes to practices, it’s expected that you’ll always be thinking of improvements.

On top of this, you’ll need to be innovative and have the ability to know when it’s relevant, and when it’s not, to use specific machinery.


Food Manufacturing Engineering

Food manufacturing businesses have their specific requirements, but we understand that you do too. Whether it’s ethics-related, about the size of the factory or something else, we’ll always put these first.

We make sure of this because we care. That’s what makes Silven different to other recruiters – our candidates matter just as much as our clients. Wherever you are on your career journey, we’ll be the one cheering you on as you progress.

If you’re looking for a food manufacturing engineering job that will truly meet your needs, then look to us. Candidates who use Silven find that we add incredible valuable to their lives. Let us explain why…


You won’t be dealing with a recruiter who doesn’t understand what you’re talking about. In fact, our engineering expertise is unrivalled. We’ll easily recognise your area specialism, take down your needs, and find you a fitting engineering job.


Whatever your specification, you’ll be presented with only the best food manufacturing engineering jobs. We will deliver you with not just any opportunity – but the right one. Plus, we aren’t afraid to speak up when something isn’t a good fit.

Positive Change

We understand that you’re switching careers for a reason. And we’re all about creating a positive change. With every single person we support, we look to make a real difference – one that changes their life for the better.


We’re trusted across the industry. This isn’t just down to providing such a fantastic service. We’ve been around an incredibly long time, so you’ll be putting your engineering job needs in the hands of an agency you don’t have to take a gamble on.


Our team will provide you personalised advice and guidance, giving you the best shot of winning your next food manufacturing engineering job. For us, it’s all about getting the very best outcome for you.


Are you curious for your next food manufacturing engineering job? It’s time to act on it. Simply discuss your requirements with our team today. Alternatively, have a look at our latest roles over on the Silven jobs page.