CI Job Vacancies in Food Manufacturing

CI Manager careers that improve the lives of clients and candidates

A CI Manager is key in making sure that continuous improvement underlines everything a business does. But, recruitment – for both clients and candidates – has proven to be quite the struggle.

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Positive Change

Solutions for CI jobs to bring about positive change

Trying to find people to fill your CI job vacancies in food manufacturing, but the search coming to no avail? It’s the same for many in the industry.

Whilst it’s not a necessary position to have, the role adds a tremendous amount of value to a business – allowing for improvements across the board. From the speed of machines to individual processes, these continuous improvements can result in small to huge savings.

The CI Manager can delve into factory issues, exploring how to stop something happening again, and how to prevent failures in the first place. They will analyse every stage, and think of ways to increase efficiency, improve overall quality, and of course save money. Ultimately, a number of bottom line benefits can be achieved as a result of having an efficient CI Manager in place.


CI Manager

Whether you need an interim or permanent CI Manager, the one you recruit needs to have a diverse skill set. They not only have to be good at dealing with a wide range of people, but at communicating too. Such variety often poses a recruitment challenge. How can you make sure that your next CI Manager truly does tick off every box?

Look no further than Silven. We’re well-versed in filling food manufacturing CI job opportunities with candidates who will meet your exact requirements and steer your organisation to success. Wondering how? Let us tell you…

Greatest talent

We won’t just find any old CI Manager for you. We have access to the top candidates, and this includes up-and-coming talent as well as those who aren’t actively searching. With these fantastic people in your business, you’ll only drive it forward.

Excellent expertise

We have a top-tier level of knowledge. This is because we solely cover the food manufacturing market, and always have our fingers on the pulse. Through us, you’ll have a competitive advantage.


We’re certainly not behind on the times. Our team understand the importance of technology, particularly when it comes to recruitment. We leverage this, and LinkedIn, for the greatest results. This allows us to offer the best-in-class recruitment solutions.

Quality with speed

Silven can deliver the highest calibre of candidates for your CI jobs – and quickly. We are able to do so via our high numbers and comprehensive approach. You can guarantee that every candidate that comes to you will meet your needs.

Such speed, along with the rest of our offering, has benefitted our clients – time and time again. Want to take advantage of our services for yourself? Just get in touch with our friendly team today, and have your food manufacturing CI jobs filled.

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CI Jobs

A CI job to progress

Landed on this page because you’re seeking CI job vacancies in food manufacturing? Do you know how to be as efficient as possible? Do you always think ‘how can this be improved’ and ‘how can we make the most profit’? If so, you’ll be the perfect match for one of our client’s CI jobs.

We know that these roles can really vary – it all depends on the company you choose. Unfortunately, not all companies have roles available in it. Not to mention, the salaries can really differ. Some are incredibly willing to invest in its benefits – as much as 90K, whereas other businesses might just not have the money and so have a lower salary range of 30-40K.


CI Manager

Either way, fundamental skills are always required – from great people and problem-solving skills to being fantastic at the theory and having an ability to explain complex topics in layman’s terms.

To save you the trouble of searching for a CI job, Silven are happy to take the work off your hands. We have years of experience in finding CI Managers a role that suits them – regardless of level and whether it’s a permanent or contracted role.

So many candidates have found a position they loved by taking advantage of our team’s capabilities. Let us highlight a few…

Greatest talent

We thrive off building relationships. It’s how we ensure candidate desires are fulfilled. Plus, our service is incredibly personable and supportive. We truly care about looking after people – whether they’re a candidate like yourself, our clients or very own team.


We thrive off building relationships. It’s how we ensure candidate desires are fulfilled. Plus, our service is incredibly personable and supportive. We truly care about looking after people – whether they’re a candidate like yourself, our clients or very own team.


As we only deal with food manufacturing, you can have faith in our expertise. Plus, we take a structured approach with each different market within this. This means that only relevant roles come to you.


We fill CI jobs for a wide range of clients across the whole of the UK. These include up-and-coming SMEs and big name brands such as Heinz and Lucozade. They put complete faith in us, and therefore you can trust us too.


In every sense of the word, we are a positive recruitment company to work with. From the enthusiasm when we speak to our candidates and clients, to delivering people with positive results that truly make their lives better.


Looking to make your next career change? Have a chat with the Silven team, and we’ll help you to discover your next food manufacturing CI job. You can also check out the latest roles on our vacancies page.