Recruiting the right people is never easy. It’s even harder when you don’t know what you’re looking for. This is where food production company Foodpack, struggled. Fortunately, our partnership with the brand enabled them to find the right candidate with the right experience to deliver an outstanding experience to their customers.

Read on to discover how we helped them expand their team with top talent in a matter of weeks. 


The challenge 

As a manufacturer for leading retailers and brands across the UK, Foodpack knew they had to expand their team to keep up with ever-growing customer demand. But this is often easier said than done. Just like many other businesses, finding a candidate with the drive, dynamism and industry experience to succeed proved challenging for Foodpack.

Given how dry the talent pool currently is, this should come as no surprise – yet it wasn’t the only obstacle they faced. They didn’t know whether to recruit someone with less experience and train them up over the course of a year, or hire a skilled manager who could hit the ground running and support their existing team.

Foodpack couldn’t decide alone. They needed an expert recruitment organisation that specialise in food manufacturing recruitment. That’s where we came in.


The solution

On 13th September 2021, we began working with Foodpack to help them identify their ideal candidate. In our initial calls and meetings, we took the time to learn all about their brand, culture and recruitment needs. Once a relationship was established, our team carefully selected a handful of clients who we knew would be a perfect fit for the business.

We then conducted a two-stage interview process on-site to really understand their skills and experience before selecting an individual to join on a permanent basis.


The results

Not long after we started working with Foodpack, our consultants sourced and interviewed an experienced quality assurance manager to develop and safeguard product standards. They’ll be a permanent member of the team from 1st November 2021, and ready to make a positive change to the business.

“I think Gemma has been extremely helpful and is always pleasant and friendly on my calls,” said Anthony Booth, Technical Manager at Foodpack.

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