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Paul Cannon//Recruitment Consultant

A bit about me:

2017 is Paul’s fourth year in recruitment. He specialises in permanent food and drink in the Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

Paul certainly stands out when it comes to his clients and candidates. He says, “If you are not in the food industry, you wouldn’t understand the reasons why I love it so much. It’s massive, endless and something people need every day.  I could talk for hours (you do become a geek and a freak – but we are proud of this)”

Paul previously worked in a menswear department, specialising in bespoke outfits. His instant flair for fashion is obvious and he can often be heard telling the guys at Silven what size they are and what would look good on them.

In his spare time. Paul likes football and rates himself as a ‘true blue’, but family is what is most important to him.

Fun Fact:

Paul once dressed David Beckham

Favourite Food:


What do you like about working at Silven?

"The sense of freedom, ability to manage your own desk and take it where you want"

Favourite Quote:

"The greatest failure is to never have tried.”

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