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Carole Hearn

Carole Hearn//Executive Consultant

A bit about me:

I’ve been in recruitment for over 16 years. And still to this day, I can say that I love my job and that it never gets boring. Outside of work, I’m a big gym-goer and enjoy a mix of weights and HIT. Working out means that I can indulge at the weekends (which is another passion of mine!) I love eating out and am very lucky to live in Manchester, where we have a wonderful selection of restaurants to choose from.

Fun Fact:

I once enjoyed a night out at the Boardwalk with Ian Brown from the Stone Roses.

Top Recruitment Tip:

Be honest with candidates and clients. If you know the role will be challenging, then let the candidate know. Equally, inform clients if you have any concerns with the candidate.

What do you like about working at Silven?

"I love getting up for work every day & until that stops I’m staying put"

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