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Max Cable

Executive Consultant

A bit about me

I’ve been at Silven since the beginning and can safely say that I still love what I do. Food and drink manufacturing is a fantastic sector, we get to work with diverse clients from startups to global businesses and everything in between. No day is ever the same! I love the flexibility that Silven offer – including working from home in Norfolk. When I’m not working, I’m outside gardening or walking with the dogs.

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Fun Fact:

I can’t cook, and if I do go into the kitchen and try to make something we often play “guess what it is?”.

Top Recruitment Tips

Always research the business before your interview – they’re likely to ask what you know about them and why you want to work there!

What do you like about working at Silven?

You feel valued, it’s a meritocracy and you can be yourself. Everyone celebrates each other’s successes – it’s a great place to work.