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Keeley Grindrod

Senior Recruitment Consultant

A bit about me

When I was 22 I went on holiday for two weeks… and stayed for 10 years. My time in Spain made me fall in love with food and cooking (and I’m partial to the odd glass of wine too!). At Silven, we talk about food all day – this job was literally made for me!

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Fun Fact:

I used to be a private chef and cooked dinner for Dr Hilary Jones. He’s my mum’s hero – she made me take a selfie (very embarrassing!)

Top Recruitment Tips

Become an expert in your field. Both clients and candidates want to work with a recruiter that understands their needs.

What do you like about working at Silven?

My professional life has been completely turned around – in a good way. Visiting the factories is incredible and I’ve met some of my food heroes. Also, the people I work with are amazing – coming to work is an absolute joy!