Maintenance Manager

Posted 6th March 2019 (3 weeks ago)
  • North West – Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside
  • C£55,000
  • CH/4778

The Opportunity

Maintenance Manager


North West – Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside


Sometimes, something awesome comes along…


The Business


I love this business.


I mean, I genuinely do.


I’ve been to the site several times. Over several years.


Every single time, the people have been fantastic.








And it isn’t just for show.


It isn’t all sunshine and roses.


There’s a challenge to be had.


The business is changing.


There are politics.


There always is with change.


There’s a whole range of challenges this business needs to overcome.


If you’re going to take on a challenge, though – wouldn’t it be nice to do it where you can care about the people?


The Role.


This is one of those jobs where they’re pretty much recruiting for this job, and the one that comes next.


There are no guarantees.


There never are.


But the salary. The structure. The plan. It’s for the right person to grow, develop, and step up into something more in two to three years.


You’ll be responsible for maintenance.


You’re going to have to work with a team which is used to doing things in a certain way.


And you’re going to have to help them to see the light.


To work in a different way.


And not through blunt force trauma.


Not through shouting, screaming, belittling, bullying or battery.


Not that you would – but just to be clear.


This is a ‘show them the way’ role.


You’re the Maintenance Manager.


But you’re taking a team and leading them to a better way of doing things.


And we need someone who can do that.


And it isn’t all that common a skillset.


It isn’t even completely a skillset. It’s a person.


You’re going to get to develop the maintenance programme.


To improve the way the business works.


There is, as I said, change.


There are politics. That goes with change. There’s going to be people who don’t want to change……  who don’t see the need?


Some might even be set against it.


If that makes your heart sink, this probably isn’t for you.


If you’re excited by the challenge – then maybe it is.






You’ve been a maintenance manager before.


In food or FMCG manufacturing.


You might have been more senior within engineering and be ready for a different kind of business.


A different kind of challenge.


You might have got to the point in life where you’re ready to uproot, move somewhere and get stuck into a big role with a real progression path laid out.


You lead from the front.


You work with people.


You try and understand why what happens, happens. Try and get underneath people’s behaviours, so you can bring them on.


You’ll be good at what you do.


You’ll have qualifications. You’ll have some battle scars from having been there before. You’ll want progression. And you’ll hopefully have shown steady progression so far.


If you’re 50/50 – give us a call.


See if it’s for you.


If it is, it could be a new (difficult, challenging, rewarding) life.


It might just be another job.


But it probably won’t be.


To apply for this role, please send a copy of your CV quoting ref CH/4778 to or for a confidential discussion, please call me on 0161 832 7463 or mobile 07792 466140.