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Manufacturing plant restructure requires multiple hard to find hires…


In recent years, Morrisons have vertically integrated much of their fresh supply chain including the acquisition of a retail meat packing plant in Winsford, Cheshire. In order to improve plant efficiency there was a major requirement to bring in fresh talent at Front Line Manager level as well as some multi-skilled engineers. Let’s be honest, these are the holy grail type roles that all of our clients have a constant demand for. Naturally the supply of exceptional talent is thin.


Having met with the senior team on site and toured the facility we came away with a good appreciation of the type of individuals Morrissons were after. Given the number of people required we designed a campaign to spread the net as broadly as possibly incorporating our extensive database, networking and referrals, targeted job board advertising, some direct sourcing and Linked In and Job Board key word searching to unearth candidates on the web.

In addition, everybody in the Silven Food Team was made aware of the roles, resulting in a real team effort and a broad a spectrum of suitable candidates being forwarded for pre-screening and shortlisting.



In total we attracted and recruited seven people enabling Morrissons to carry out their restructuring. Our candidates are delighted to have joined such a great facility that they can get their teeth into and Morrissons are delighted that they can press on with their process improvements.