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Hain Daniels

Vital Interim Technical Manager urgently required for Chilled Food manufacturing plant!


A new Site Director at a Hain Daniels plant discovers his site is massively behind technically, with a key audit imminent.

There had been no Technical Manager for 18 months. The site had failed BRC (badly). They were behind by over 40 internal audits. Their QMS wasn’t being adhered to and even if it had been, it wasn’t fit for purpose…and their BRC was due in 11 weeks’ time!


Firstly, within a day we put two career interims in front of him who had recently taken similar sites through BRC in very tight timescales.

Secondly, we advised the central team on how to manage the process quickly enough to get who they needed. Because we had met, interviewed and referenced both candidates, all they had to do was conduct a brief interview and choose their favourite.

Finally, they engaged a fantastic, experienced Technical Manager who started that week.


Thanks to our interim’s focus and the Site Director’s decisiveness, the site passed BRC with less than five minors. An exceptional result for a great business.