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Coca Cola

North East Interim QEHS Manager demonstrates our process efficiency and reach…


Coca Cola has a water plant. It’s in Northumberland. For internal reasons, they urgently needed an interim QEHS Manager. They called us on the back of other placements we’ve made with them.


We spoke to them on Friday, and understood what they wanted. They had a certain budget and wanted someone within a week. In Morpeth….a long way away from pretty much anywhere else.

I did the search and contacting across the weekend and sent them just the one person on Monday morning. I knew he could do the job and so why send more? He was 20% under budget, could meet them that afternoon, lived 20 minutes from site (saving them a fortune in expenses) and could start the next day.

In their wisdom, CCE met him that afternoon. He started the next day.

The site GM was new, and it was a big win for her…immediate cover, under budget and ahead of schedule.


We delighted in placing another contractor with CCE and the contractor was delighted to get a great role and the first (and probably last!) commutable contract of his career!

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being excellent),how would you rate our effectiveness and efficiency?

11 just super! Very quick & efficient
Jane Buckley, Site Director, Coca Cola Enterprises – Morpeth