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In a sector renowned for its revolving recruitment door, isn’t it refreshing to find a business where people have worked together for many years and where new Consultants have joined and really seen their careers take off?

We have a great mix of people who’ve started at a trainee level and are now amongst our most successful Consultants as well as those that have joined laterally and are happier and more successful here.

The senior management team have worked well together for a long time. Silven’s management style is centred on giving people the best environment and tools with which to perform and then encouraging everybody to just get on with it. Freedom and success go hand in hand in our opinion.

Junior staff, still learning their profession, are guided, developed and encouraged to realise their potential. More experienced staff are listened to, advised and supported….isn’t it funny how happy people in control of their day to day just crack on and produce fantastic results?

We invest heavily in making sure that people who join us stick and we care about how it’s all going…let’s be honest it’s a pain for all concerned when it doesn’t work out…but fantastic for everybody when it does.

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